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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by emsie, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Anyone got a tankslapper on their bike? Good/bad/ugly? Not sure how long my tank protector's going to last and looking for its eventual replacement, preferably something without adhesive.

  2. oops, double post.

    why would you prefer the non- adhesive variety? do you plan on taking the film off often?
  3. Yep me and mizz zzr both have them take time to fit it properly and all is good :grin: But dont spill petrol on your tank after fitting :shock:
  4. I guess ultimately I don't want to spend hours getting adhesive off. Well, I get the impression its a whole lotta elbow grease to get the sticky crap off your tank if you pull of a tank protector which uses adhesive. If I'm way off on that, let me know what you've used and how long it took and I'll take adhesive any day I guess :)

    On top of being *able* to remove it easily if I wanted to, I've read about people finding stains under their protectors, my guess would be from a combination of the adhesive+paint and light+paint. I'd hate to pull the protector off in a year's time to find my tank looks different underneath ;)

  5. ... what's it do :shock: and do you get anything similar with *all* tank protectors?
  6. I've never experienced anything more annoying than installing one of these on my blade, but I'm told thats not the case for everyone, perhaps my tank being plastic made the difference.

    Make sure you follow the instructions for installation (there is a little slip of paper with a website reference that has the instructions in the package).

    Also keep them away from high pressure water cleaners, my was wash off when I took my bike in for a service and thereafter I decided I couldn't be stuffed putting a third set on.

    I don't think I'll bother with them again either just leave it as is or get something with a decent glue to keep it there.
  7. Mizz zzr spilt some petrol on it today but it seems ok just not something i would do twice :shock: As for fitting difficultys i watched and kazz fitted and we are both happy with them :grin:
  8. nice .. sounds like a goer at least once then