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Tank stickers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ozzycouch, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, had a search around here, eBay and the web and didn't come up with much.
    Trying to get some original Honda wing stickers for my fuel tank, so when I get a ding pulled I can put them back on, clear coat it and having it looking like new again.
    It's for a cb750f2 95ish, and the tricky bit is they are colored silver with gold around them.
    I can get them through Honda for roughy $80 for both but if anyone has an alternate please post up.

  2. Mate check ebay
  3. I bought mine for my vfr thru eBay last month. Reprinted the bike yellow not cos it was dropped but I couldn't live with the original faded red any longer lol.
    Came from the U.K for about $20 delivered and took about 2 weeks. That was for a full set, not just the wings. Just search for honda decals on eBay.

    Cheers Ryan
  4. Thanks guys, had another trawl trough ebay today and still couldn't find the same ones as I have. Might be one of those times when original parts wins. Did find plenty of other bits for my bike though :)