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tank scratching on one side

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by spenaroo, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. hey my fuel tank is scratching on only one side,
    its the right side. at first i thought it was my wallet,
    but ive chnged pockets and it still scratching. any ideas what is causing it?

    tank was perfect when i got the bike 2 days ago

    photos dont show them really well as i just waxed the tank (to try and minimize it),
    but these are deep white scratches with chipped paint in some spots.
    so im going to have to get touch-up paint.

  2. Zips, buckles or studs on your clothes?
  3. would have thought that the other-side would scratch as-well if thes was the case (jeans are symetrical)
  4. If it was something on your knees I would expect the scratches to be more spirally scratches and not so straight. They wouldnt be so horizontal as your knees don't just go back and forward but up and down. Do you ever park it near other bikes? Other option is it is quite shiny, a minor bird may have seen its reflection and had a go?
  5. I`d say start killing cats ,It might not be from a cat , But i hate cats.it will take your mind of the scratches and future proof your tank against paw prints
  6. When you push the bike (not seated), do you stand on the left or right hand side?
  7. left,
    allows me to flick the stand up and down.

    but i usually walk it back on the bike
  8. There goes my theory then.
  9. so...
    still no idea on how its happening,
    and the plan to fix it is to put stomp grip on the tank, (kill 2 birds with one stone, as im slipping back under acceleration. and cant seem to grip the tank)

    but whats the best way to repair the damage before applying a protective coating,
    is it possible to touch-up the paint?
    is it possible to do it where it is not obvious touch-up paint has been applied.
    as i wish to fix the damage already done before covering it over. as it will be visible under and clear coating
  10. Could try a bit of scratch-X.. Had the same thing happen on my gixxer, the coulpret for me was textile pullovers.. The fabric was harder/more abrassive that the top coat..
  11. If you're going to put a clear coating on it, you'd be best avoiding any paint or polish type remedies; paint will take ages to cure fully and polish will stop the clear from sticking.

    They're love scars, wear them with pride. ;)