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Tank repair

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by gugux, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm from Melbourne

    just wondering if you guys know places to repair dent on tank ?

    If any of you know how much approx to fix dent on tank, please let me know.

    the dent not really big, about 5cm wide.


  2. A large bike shop I used to know would put all their steel work through Sunshine Panels. Call them and ask if they would quote the fuel tank for you.
  3. Dent Master just Google them
  4. if my memory serves me correctly it costs a shit load to repair tanks. i had my tank quoted when i droped it te first time and it was only slightly dented. about a 2cm wide and a few mm deep and i think it was about $800-$1000 to repair and spray.
  5. hey its heno

    sounds liek they were tryin to fleas u.
    If u just get the dent puttied over and resprayed it should cost around $250.
  6. and when you walked in they though here is another sucker

    shop around

    have had bike repaired , cracks, dented tank, 3 colours of paint for $800 whole bike paint
  7. I had a tank dent repaired and resprayed in custom metallic 2-tone paint with a pinstripe, cost $350 then probably $500-600 now. For $1000 you could buy a new tank for some bikes.
  8. any pics?What sort of bike is it?