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Tank Repair is it possible........

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kermit, May 27, 2007.

  1. If things couldnt get any worse after engine replacement my friend was replacing upper fairing bolt on my GPX250 with incorrect size and pierced the tank im trying findapart at the moment but i suspect tanks in the same colour are fairly hard to find any suggestions........

  2. You have a few options;

    1) The putty type repair, you can buy it from most auto places, it is a grey steel coloured flat plasticene type of putty, you knead it in your hands and when warm it will become soft and pliable, you then push it into the hole and leave some smoothed around the outside of the hole for stronger repair, it will set as hard as steel.

    2) Weld it, if it is aluminium, you need to get a TIG welder, if steel a MIG or brazing with Oxy will do, just be sure it is empty, rinsed clean and then filled completley with water before you start.

    If the hole is really small, the 2nd option is overkill, I would definatley get the putty repair, its about $15
  3. Wasn't there a recall recently on something to do with GPXs and bolts piercing the tanks? Though yours sounds like an user error... :)

    I'd check Ebay....or buy one and get it painted, or paint it yourself.
  4. Save yourself the money and just get it repaired. A second hand tank in good nick will cost a few hundred + finding one in the right colour may take a while.
  5. Thanks for all the reply’s the putty option sounds really good but I don’t think its possible to access the hole is there any places that specialise in tank repairs I can’t imagine there would be a great demand for it most people aren’t semi retarded like my mate :LOL:
  6. 1. The tank must come off so it IS accessable.
    2. A panel shop should be able to repair and repaint if required.
    3. A plumber or someone who works with sheet metal will also be able to help.
    4. Help yourself by putting your location in your profile.
    5. Get a new mate!
  7. If the screw made a hole through the tank skin, it is certainly accessable.

    Just grind or sand the paint off around the hole, and press in the kneaded putty, I have used it on several cars and a quadbike, was a permenant repair everytime, never had to touch it again.
  8. might be hard finding a idiot to weld it, there is tank repair kits ,
  9. i used quicksteel,
    type of epoxy
    sqeeze mix and plug,
  10. This is Quicksteel. It works a treat. An easy fix for >$10, can be painted, easy to use and will out last the bike. I've used it on a couple of fuel tanks and never had a problem with it. :)

  11. GPX Tank

    Sorry to bring u bad news,But your tank is stuffed. U should by a second hand one.
    I know that where your tank was pierced,was behind the 6mm thread lug which is spot welded to the upper corner of the tank where the top fairing joins on. U have no access to fill the hole with putty etc. Don.t do it!! leaking petrol means flames!!
    This problem has been around with GPX 250 tanks for 18 years,people screwing bolts other than the correctones into that place.
    Thats why we go to a mechanic that knows what they are doing,instead of trying to get a second hand tank(good luck)after something screws up.
    I know we ALL learn trough lifes little lessons,and in no way mean any disrespect to u or learning about ur bike,But beware of misinformation regularly collected on the internet.Sorry,jus watch out for petrol stuff.
  12. it can definitely be repaired. but take it to somebody that knows what they're doing. it is very easy to make a fuel tank safe to work on for welding, grinding, drilling. drain it, air it, then fill it with something inert. water is ok, but carbon monoxide (exhaust gas) is free and works just as well.

    spot welds can be undone very easily, either by grinding or drilling out. this gives access to the hole. fixing the hole is a small matter then. then you need to redo the fairing bracket and then respray with a colour match.