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Tank protectors - what are they for?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ninjah, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. as per topic :?

  2. Tank protectors, as their name suggests, protect the tank.

    They're to stop your belt-buckle, zippers, buttons, and clothes in general from scratching the paintwork of the tank.
  3. ...and they look surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre look prutty.

    I never thought they had a use till one day I pushed my bike from the air hose to a petrol browser while still sitting on the bike - without even realizing it I'd put a slit in the tank protector from the button on my jeans.
    It wasn't really noticeable unless you looked for it, but if that had been the paint it would have been a different story.
  4. is this a serious thread?

    Tank Protectors = Protect your Tank

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
  5. they also provide grip if you are wearing a slippery jacket / jumper while riding. it actually does help
  6. They are an anti-theft device. Stops people stealing your tank.

  7. Is the name not self-explanatory enough?

    Why not ask what the seat is for? Or the brakes, the indicators, or the headlight.
  8. i realise they protect the tank, just curious as to what they protected it from :p

    ironic replies are more humorous than sarcasm or downright nastiness btw :roll:

    now the next noobie question (i swear this was a noobie section), how many riders would recommend them? 100%?
  9. Expect equal measures of each. Nice blog by the way. "T.e.h Ninja!" Is that irony, South Park or typo'?
  10. Some bikes don't really need them, and other bikes just look stupid with one (especially if it's fake carbon fibre).
    Otherwise though, yeah they're good.
  11. I think it depends on the type of bike you have, really. For sporty bikes like the VTR250, CBR's, etc, where you're pressed up against the tank, definitely. On my Tiger the seat's more like a "saddle" and the seating position is "sports-standard", so it's rare to actually touch the tank.
  12. because I love my factory paint work (Black with gold fleck in it) I got a Oxford clear Tank Protector, so it doesn't actually "look" like anything. But it sure does protect the tank from my jacket rubbing on it.
  13. I believe they're for protecting the tank from ze germans Tommy!
  14. They're designed to trap moisture between tank and paint, thereby ruining teh paint.
    The better ones even have seams that eventually rub through the paint, although people rarely keep bikes that long.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Handy hint #3242342:
    Wearing an extra large adult diaper each time you ride eliminates the need for tank protectors.
  16. Why not leave the tank at home?
  17. None of the above haha - my first name is T.e.h. (damn automatic spell checker)! Thanks for all the answers. I think I will get a protector. Don't like the sounds of getting multiple scratches from belt buttons. Could I bother you guys for some more opinions though..

    What would look best on a black Ninja 250? a black tank protector.. or?

    I haven't really seen many, so not sure which colour would look good on a black bike.
  18. Gold.

    Use real gold if you can. It will retain its colour.
  19. Go into your local bike shop; they'll, have loads. If you ask nicely they'll let you take one out to your bike to match it up (if you're under 20 you might have to leave your helmet as security :LOL: ). Stay clear of the multi-coloured ones unless you want to look like 'da-pimp-bomb-diggity'.
  20. Tank protectors are for protecting tanks?

    OK. I can handle that.

    So what are rear fenders and ball joints for - fending rears and joining balls???

    Not even going to mention lock nuts.