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Tank Protector

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by timmyc, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Well I bought my bike about a month and a half ago, and the tank protector was starting to peel off. I decided well that is almost defeating the purpose so the other day I peeled it off completely.

    The problem is it left some of the sticker behind. I managed to get rid of the actual 'sticky' stuff with goo-remover as I saw in another thread - however the sticker did not properly peel and there is hard, black plastic attached to my tank. Anyone have any ideas on what to use or experience on the matter?
  2. Buy another tank protector and replace it over the top? or I think T-Tree oil is good for removing stickers and plastic films.
  3. Hairdryer, paddle pop sticks and WD40.
  4. spread the WD40 with paddle pop sticks I assume?
  5. Try softening the remaining sticker with the hairdryer, scrape off as much solid as you can with the paddle pop stick, then remove remaining goo with WD40 (or tea tree oil).
  6. ok thanks ill give it a go
  7. Another punt for the tea-tree oil - that stuff works wonders on anything like this; old rego stickers, decals, unwanted labels etc.

    - boingk
  8. go to an arts and craft store and ask for a can of adhesive remover. It comes in an aerosol can, you spray it on and then peel of the offending sticker. It also helps remove the sticky crap thats left. Just rub off with a cloth, and respray if needed.

  9. can you use those on girls? .. Anoying ones...
  10. Sure thing, point the can in their direction and hold a lighter to the spray. Should work wonders.

    - boingk
  11. also try using a product called "prepsol" or "Wax and Grease remover" both are a clear solvent used for cleaning painwork between spraying paint layers.

    cheers Joel
  12. Opps double post....
  13. ended up getting it all off, had to 'scratch it off' somewhat - I used soft wood with sanded edges. Overheated the hairdryer multiple times as well lol.
  14. guys your all doing it wrong

    boiling hot water will peel any sticker off panel work
    it WILL leave the sticky residue behind

    goo-remover will remove it
    so will a dab or 2 of petrol

    just remember to wash the surface with hot soapy water afterwards to get the petrol off !!! or it may damage the paint