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Tank Protection

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by d4g6k11, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. I have a new Gs500 and I want to protect the paintwork on the tank. I went and bought one of those staggered tank protectors that go up the 'spine of the tank. It does well to protect against the buckle of my belt or the clasp on my jacket.

    However where my legs touch on the side of the tank is rubbing and there are slight scratch marks on the tank from this.

    How do I protect against this? A colleague suggested good quality book contact - cut to shape - is a cheap yet effective method. Would you agree?

  2. You could shave your legs.
  3. Tried that but the draggin jeans rendered my efforts useless :(
  4. you can get clear stuff from autobarn. put some on my tank to stop my tankbag scratching it. of course tank grip pads
    also help with your riding (he posts here occasionally as triway)
  5. I Have a new GS500 as well and was worried about the paintwork ..
    I found this site online

    You get 2 panels and a few stencils to make and cut your own pattern for about $70 delivered ..

    I think it looks mighty fine :)

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  6. Nice I will check that website out.

    It's a pity summer is here because now I can't wear shorts until the hair grows back. Too embarrassing otherwise.
  7. Go and buy two more tank protectors the same as you have, and put those on the sides where your legs are rubbing.

    End result doesn't actually look to bad....
  8. Thats what I did!!. I got 2 tank protectors and put them on the side where my knees rubbed the paint. It looks pretty good!!..(y)
  9. What style did you get? I can't decide between the three.
  10. http://www.techspec-usa.com/images/high_fusion.jpg

    the high fusion one ... and I just cut it to the stencil I liked ... still have some bits left over to use if needed :)
  11. I am a little confused by the website. On the one hand i can get a tank protector - tank pro 3 (which I think comes in three pieces for about 20AUD. But if I click on the suzuki brand and then choose the general sheet option I am charged 60-65 dollars. For particular models I would pay roughly the same price.

    That is a massive price difference and i don't understand why.

    There is also only one unclear picture of the ice grip. i would like a closer look at that one.
  12. I think the $20 is just the centre tank piece. US site is a bit clearer but give him a call or e-mail him. I got the sheets for my er6 and cut out the grips and centre tank bit.
  13. There are a few companies you can get the 3M clear protective film same as used on the front of cars. Comes in a kit, pre-cut with everything needed to install and usually a dvd on how to install properly. Good, high quality stuff that you can barely see, doesn't hurt the paint and easy to remove when you want to sell the bike.


    That should start you off, there's more if you google.