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Tank Pad removal

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by say_wat, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. My tankpad is too ordinary, i was wondering what would be the best way to remove it leaving minimal marks. I want to replace it with another sexier tankpad.


  2. i think you should be able to peel it off and use metho or bug and tar remover to remove the rest , would that work ??
  3. Grease & Tar remover
    Eucalyptus oil
    Hair dryer
    A middle east person :p

  4. and a hellofa lot of elbow grease .... or stock whip ??
  5. Heat it up with a hair dryer, then peel off slowly.

    To remove the glue try orange medic. TEST a spot first!!!

    Becareful not to remove the paint.
  6. I'm in sydney, the easiest method would be the middle eastern person :p

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  8. I recently took off an old tank pad and I used petrol and a lot of elbow grease after peeling the bulk of the material off.
  9. :roll:

    Remember not all Tank Pads are the same size, so if you do remove paint, or rub it to much to tarish/remove some paint, the new tank pad may not cover it.
  10. Why roll your eyes?

    I thought it was funny :)
  11. I dont recommend the middle eastern person, too hard on your back when you lift em up and their hair is a little wirey.... scratch the pain, nice little goth girl with spiky hair, a squirt of Mr Sheen and job jobbed.
  12. What is the tank pad for? I kind of thought it was a tank bra type thing to prevent scratching, but that seems silly cos removing it screws up your paint anywhoo ?
  13. wd 40 will remove it ............. if wd40 will remove duct tape and the gunk it leaves behind it will romove anything .......... just soak the sucker in wd 40 .. go have a beer .. come back peel it off and wipe away the mess ......... and it wont hurt ya paint ... infact it will polish it