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Tank Pad/Protector Application

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by TaeTao, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I know this topic has probably been covered numerous times, but this is how I went about doing it. It's also the first time I've ever done so and was nervous as all hell hahaha
    The bike is a 2010 Suzuki GSR 600

    First of all, clean the tank of all factory stickers.
    I used a hairdryer and an old licence card to heat up the stickers and slowly (SLOWLY) sc**** them off, then wiped the sticky stuff off with WD40 and a clean soft cloth (make sure not to use something with print on it, I used a Jiff cloth and the green Jiff logo came off on the tank and spread and stained, I freaked out like you wouldn't believe as my bike is 5 days old and first hand! I got it off by rubbing firmly in small[or you'll spread it more] circles but it took a long time).

    Clean tank L-side.

    Clean tank R-side.

    Clean tank from seat.

    I used scotch tape to hold the top in place while I aligned the pad. I added another piece after i took the photo on one side of the top as it stopped it from moving once i had it aligned.

    Measured from the fuel tank (doesn't matter were, just stick to it either side), to the apex of the right side of the pad. I used a vernier caliper.

    Same for the other side.

    When aligned correctly, I peeled the backing from the bottom, put my palm at the top/center of the pad and applied pressure, stretched it out and stuck it down at the bottom/center. Slowly peeled upwards while rubbing up the center-line. Until two ridges length were stuck. Making sure not to let the ridges touch the tank, just the center-line.

    Removed the scotch tape from the top of the pad (two ridges stuck down should keep it aligned). I continued the process until i was at the top and when I was absolutely confident the center was straight and stuck down, I rubbed the ridges from the center, outwards, starting at the bottom of the pad. Then pressed down on the entirety of the pad to make sure it was all stuck down properly.

    This is the final result! Felt pretty good with myself! ahahaha

    I hope this help at least one person!

    Riding is like sex, use protection.