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Tank Pad for Ninja 300?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by OldSport, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. I'm looking for a tank pad to suit the Ninja 300 and I am currently located in Canberra. I think I can get them locally around Canberra for a fair bit ($30+)

    orrrrr I can gamble with this

    Which would be the better decision?

    (Also, just for colour reference, my ninja is white)

    Thank you for any opinions!! :peace:
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  2. Tank pads are all much the same. You don't need to get one that says it fits a Ninja. Just take some measurements of your tank area. Seems you are going to pay a lot extra if it has the word ninja on it. Keep looking on e bay. I got one from China for $1.50, here is Aus they wanted $15 for the same one. If your not in a hurry, it took two weeks to arrive. Best $1.50 I ever spent and the tank pad was good quality. $30 seems a bit to much for a tank pad sticker.

  3. Do you mind linking me to the product if you can still find it? :beer:
  4. Be careful not all tank para will fit the 300 well. They have two ridges that I'd the pad goes over the angle is sharp and makes it hard to get it to stick down. I hope this makes sense as I have put two on my wife's bike. If it was up to me I would buy the kawa one
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  6. Does anyone know where I could get tank pads for the side of the tank for a ninja 300?
    I've seen them on bikes before, but can't find them online anywhere.