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tank movement..

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Nel, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. im on my first cruiser. (03 Honda VT750C)
    and im havin' a freaken ball on it. :grin: (..Enduro background.)
    ive gone thru a few tanks of fuel in the first week or so...as ya do...and i have found when 'Marcelle' is running on empty, her tank gets some movement and rattles due to its lighter weight. i have removed the seat and checked the bolt holding it at that point, but all the movement and rattles are coming from the top end of the tank.
    SO..is this a normal issue with empty cruiser tanks or will i go the next step and remove the tank to give 'Marcelle' some extra coushioning for her tummy??

    all help and comments greatly appreciated.

  2. OR....!!!!

    am i giving it to 'Marcelle' a bit too much...like im still on my XR600??


    corrrd!! :LOL:
  3. It's a well-known problem with cruisers that they don't run so well when their tanks are empty. I've heard it can also be an issue for lawn-mowers.

    Marcelle deserves the silk treatment - I'd be silencing that rattle! (It's surely not a need of extra cushioning, but a problem of something being not where it's meant to be, or being there at all, or doing what it's meant to do - I'd go exploring.)
  4. thanks for the reply mattb

    it seems like the small pad where the tank sits, (on the frame) high under the tank is missing. no biggie, i wanted to see if this was common with an empty tank with cruisers.
    like you say..time to go exploring..

    onya :beer: