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Tank/Helmet cam combo vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by [FLUX], Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Picked up a small self-contained helmet-cam while in the USA. The goal was to give a better indication and feedback for me on where I was looking, and marry that in conjunction with what the bike was doing.

    Okay, an updated tank/helmet camera video is now hosted.

    Click Here [68MB]

    I've removed the original video to make room on the web-site.

    Let me know what you think of this style of displaying it.

    Also, I tried to accentuate where I was looking by turning my head, rather than just moving my eyes. Didn't remember to do it for every corner, but overall, I think that for the most part that it demonstrates the principles of:

    Observe corner
    Pick turn-in point
    Look through corner
    Turn bike in at turn-in point
    Continue looking through the corner
  2. Awesome work mate... great to watch. Will be even better once that helmet cam angle is adjusted up.... look forward to it.
  3. #3 Loz, Mar 21, 2007
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    Hmm... Yeah the angle's a bit off-putting. The helmetcam vids I've liked the most have tended to show a fair bit of the bike as well, not sure how that's achieved (perhaps a wider angle lens) but it gives a great sense of how you move about on the bike.

    Reference some of these guys' stuff:

    Even there one of the blokes has trouble setting the angle. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes Stew, is that small box the top resolution for the helmet cam?
  4. Ta Loz.

    I'd need a wide-angle lens to show the bike as well.

    The view-width angle on the FB vids looks to be about the same, but there's no way I could get the bike in shot, and I think that's because I'm reasonably tall in comparison to the bike, and also because the screen is quite low, in comparison to a VTR as in that video. Also, on a VTR, you sit a lot more back and upright, so it's not like your head is positioned straight over the top of the screen like on my bike. You can see that even when I'm looking down at the instrument panel that the bike still doesn't come into shot.

    It might if I was sitting about 20cm further back like you do on a VTR, or if I slid my butt right back as far as I can go, and got into a racing tuck.

    Top res for the cam is 640x480x30fps, which allows about 1 full hour of footage on the 2GB SD card in it.

    If you want to see how I move about on the bike, you'll just have to follow me with your cam.
  5. I took a run home last night with the same sort of cam plastered to my Lid. There is seriosly no way of seeing any of teh bike.

    On a side note... Watching footage from a cam while comuting is really offputing, all the head checks give you motion sickness.
  6. im downloading it now but only getting 200kb/s ... why so slow :furious:
  7. Probably because everyone is downloading it.
  8. nice vid i liked the cam vid much better !
  9. Everytime I try to D/L it it crashes Firefox, whats the John Dory

    Cheers :cool:
  10. I used Firefox to check it.

    Right-click, save-as, works fine.

    Might crash your FF if you try to play it in the browser, and don't have Quicktime 7 plug-in installed.

    The web site it's hosted at is behind a traffic shaping server. It's just a piddly little *nix box, and it's in the USA. 200KB/s is hardly that slow though.
  11. how much does the vid recorders set you back? is it specially made to suit the tank of a b bike & helmet etc?

    200KB/s isn't even a quarter of my connection :LOL:
  12. Still faster than mine. I'm d/loading as I speak at 162kb/s. :p

    Not bad Stewy. Just watched it. I'd almost say you now live at the Spur. :LOL:
  13. I righted clicked and saved link in firefox with no probs.

    Cool watching with the 2 angles.

    Good idea if your trying to improve your riding performance but the tank cam viewed the ride much better.

    Observe corner
    Pick turn-in point
    Look through corner
    Turn bike in at turn-in point
    Continue looking through the corner

    Slow down when you get to flashing 40kmh signs
    And keep riding cause that dood on the Harley you cut off is looking for you :grin:
  14. saw cathar up on the spur this afternoon. nice little set up he has..
    his tank cam is just a 6megepixel camera i think but his helmet camera does look pretty cool.

    How much did that one cost ya?
  15. Tank-cam is a Casio EX-S600 camera with a 2GB SD card in it. The camera costs around $350 (without SD card) nowadays as it's been superceded by the EX-S770, but the EX-S600 is still available as a cheap alternative to the S770 which is 1.5x as much.

    Tank-cam is mounted with a Sport Bike Cam mount, coupled with a custom padded mount that I made up to reduce vibration and shocks.

    Helmet-cam is an Oregon Scientific ATC2K, also with a 2GB SD card in it. Full retail price is up around the $170-200 mark (Aussie), but can be picked up for $140 or so (without SD card).
  16. That's the one. $289 is a bit dear, even with the 2GB SD card.

    I picked up the camera, in the USA, for $140 Aussie, and a 2GB Sandisk Ultra II SD card cost me $70 Aussie. Would've cost me ~$50 Aussie, but I wasn't a USA resident to send in the $15US rebate claim form.

    i.e. all up, if getting a decent deal, you should be paying no more than $200 for a complete 2GB kit, and with a top quality SD card at that.
  17. When I watched the vid the 1st time, I thought fark, we're going to crash! I wasn't used to the camera suddenly changing direction. Stew, you're having too much gadget fun!
  18. Got some newer vids here with the camera adjusted. Now just a fraction high, but MUCH better.

    Watching the helmet cam video seems MUCH slower. I'd say it's because it's the art of "unwinding" the road to make it look straight by looking into and through the corner. The tank-camera view in comparison looks way faster, because scenery rushes into the view from one side, and the disappears to the other side.

    I'll post up some full-size helmet cam vid soon.