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Tank grips

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mogley, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Has anyone used these before?


    I'm finding my grip on the tank slips and slides with my jeans and these look like a good solution but just wondering if anyone has had any experience with them.

    Mostly concerned about it wearing a hole through my jeans.

  2. I find them useful.
    I'm using techspec snakeskin grips on my Daytona. Helps you grip the tank which in turn helps support your body weight with your core, taking the weight off your wrists. It is also handy when braking really hard.
    As for wear on jeans, techspec have several different materials available. From memory their C4? is the best for wear and tear on jeans.
  3. Pity they're not clear. Don't want black grips. If I wanted black, I would have bought a black bike, not a bright orange one. That's why the tank protector is clear.
  4. ^Their are clears you can get,my riding partner had a set put on his 750 R and eventually took them off not sure why,i think their more of a cosmetic look and would work fine as well but their appearance takes the good looks away from the tank,
    you can always wear leathers.
  5. As far as I know the main names for tank grips are stomp grip and tech spec.

    Stomp grips are available in clear. From the comparisons I read I'd say go tech spec for street, stomp grip for track.

    I just ordered some tech specs for my monster so I'll see how they go.
  6. Got similar rubber ones on my Bird. They seem to work great. Tank Pads.
  7. yep i've got techspec too. had them on my 250 and liked them so much i ripped them off and put them on the ZX coz i didn't want to wait for new ones to arrive.
    personally don't like the look of stomp so i've never tried them to compare.
    techspecs also make a grip which is smoother than the snakeskin, called C3 i think, kinda looks like sandpaper made of rubber
  8. I had Tech Spec grips, but recently ripped them off to replace with Stomp grips after a track day on another bike with Stomps and they were way better.

    I much prefer the Stomp grips, as they are way more grippy for heavy braking and to lock on when cornering.


    Stomps are probably a little more harsh on leathers/jeans etc as compared to Tech Spec? I don't know, I can imagine that might be the case and people go an about that but I don't know how true it is.

    I would have stuck with Tech Spec if I didn't do track riding as I often semi-squid to work wearing office pants and I hope they don't wear too much.
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  9. Those look perfect for my Beemer - what brand are they - what sort of $$$ are we talking?
  10. I got some Tech Spec's and installed them last weekend, they look good. They cost about $70
  11. Techspecs - great . work well. Lucky my tank is black. Definitely worth having.
  12. I just bought techspecs to replace my stomps as my jeans/leathers and legs were wearing out, grip on stomps are fantastic tho
  13. You did the right thing. The tech spec grips work well and unlike the stomp grips they do not wear through your leathers.