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Tank Grips (Tech Spec)

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by sucram, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. I got these direct from the manufacter in the US

    They were about $55 landed


    I dont like the feel of stomp grips in normal pants

    Have a good look at the pic's for your bike. Mine are OK for normal riding but in a crouch they are not big enough so in hindsight I should have gotten the sheet and cut it myself.
  2. These guys have an Australian site, too:

    I'm getting a pair of DIY High Fusion pads, for sure. I'm tired of slipping forward when braking, when all it requires is a little friction to mitigate (rather than busting my leg muscles gripping the tank fruitlessly).
  3. I bollocksed up two $60 pairs of stomp grips and cracked the shits with the whole idea. Now I've got a tank bra sort of thing that does a good job.
  4. Loz, can you provide details of the bra?

    Yeah, I've read that the TechSpec pads are more effective than the Stomp Grip pads.
  5. If you can put a sticker on you can put Techspec gripsters on! They're that easy :wink:
  6. i've got a piece that i might try out
  7. Stomp grips are removable and reuseable - just heat and remove. Stick them onto a mirror in the mean time, then heat and reapply some time later.

    They are a biatch for bubbles though.
  8. You get that from Jason?
  9. Loz with a bra..... :shock:

    That would clearly be a masculine mans bra made of fine black leather...right Loz?:wink:
  10. if you have a black tank get the black stompgrips, no worries about bubbles then.
    I have a new set of stompgrips on my bike and find they are wearing into my new leathers. I'm thinking about taking them off and replacing them with the tech-spec if they won't scratch my leathers too much.