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Tank grip bodge

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Unconnected, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    so my VFR seems to have for some reason a petrol tank made from teflon, when im wearing my leathers i get really tired and worn out because i cant brace my upper body with my knees on the tank, and this puts lots of weight on my wrists.

    I have two sheets of generic square stomp grip style stuff comming from the UK. but i need a solution in the mean time, so i bought some book contact from woolies, perhaps its surface will be different, and grip to my leathers better.

    Anyway i am now going to apply the contact to my bike, and will report back with results soon.

  2. is that stuff designed to come off?
  3. sandpaper and a lot of sticky tape looks like shit but works
  4. clarke rubber sell 3 mill soft sponge [black] which you can peel off when youre done with it
  5. so i put it on, its not very grippy but it is slightly better, yeah it should come off fine its just book contact. The bike is going to ahve a full respray in the near future so i dont care that much about my clear coat.

    I am thinking of getting some lan cable, making a spiral about knee sized on another piece of contact and then sticking it on, so i have like a tank pad, ribbed for my pleasure.

    Will let you know.
  6. Surfboard wax ;-)
  7. Was thinking one of those sponge grips from a surfboard, that'd work.
  8. It was not good i wouldnt advise it, didnt really make any difference at all. Yeah.
  9. velcro strip on the tank and velcro strip on your pants?
  10. I am thinking of cutting leather to shape and fitting it into the knee dents on my VFR tank, leather on leather grips pretty well.
  11. might help to stop your thighs freezing, on cold mornings too