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Tank camera

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by [FLUX], Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Did a super-boring shake-down test of the camera today. No excitement here, just a test of the quality.


    This is actually somewhat compressed over what comes directly off the camera. I used Windows Movie Maker. What's in that snippet is somewhat close to the lower quality setting on the camera. The original video quality is substantially crisper and smoother, for example, the number on the tacho are perfectly clear on the original video, but are slightly blurry in the above linked compressed version.

    Am extremely happy with the camera.
  2. what model of video camera is it?
  3. fantastic quality, great set up, i like watching stuff like that, U've made sure the speedo and tacho are in the shot and that’s important so a viewer gets better feel for what your doing, reminder don’t post any footage of any illegal speeds you don’t know who is amongst the many that post and read here, better still black out the speedo once it hits 3 digits on any footage you post,
    btw I’ve seen 2gig SD cards getting sold now for around $70.
  4. Yeah, the problem with the standard movie editor that came with the camera, or with Windows, is that they don't have a cropping or frame editing feature.

    Still, my bike does have a "Speedo Healer" device installed, so whatever speeds that are displayed are subject to the (in)accuracy of the calibration of the device at the time of the video. For example, the device could display half the actual speed, or the device could display double the actual speed, which then begs the question, is the displayed speed of an uncalibrated speedometer admissable evidence?

    If yes, then what's to stop the possibility of the device malfunctioning and displaying half the actual speed all the time, with me unknowingly riding around at twice the speed limit? I could be recording my speedometer the entire time, and using that as evidence that I was not speeding. Since the state of calibration is never truly known (not even by me since it could be out for all I know as well), then that wouldn't hold up in court, and conversely neither would it hold up if an attempt was made to use such information by someone else.

    Nay, what would be more telling, and this would be true whether or not the speedometer was displayed, would be to measure the distance between two landmarks and perform a simple time over distance calculation to arrive at the speed.

    Still, given that with the standard windows movie editor that it is possible to alter the time scale as well, then unless there is a calibrated time device within the image shot, it then remains unprovable as to whether the time scale is also linear.

    Having said all of the above, I'm not about to try to put any of that to the test, but it does seem quite easy to cast reasonable suspicions over the veracity and integrity of some recorded video in this day and age where what you see on a screen is always subject to suspicion of whether or not it is truly real.
  5. Great quality video. Not bad at all for the low quality setting, certainly a lot better than other vid's that have been posted. Mind you, 16mb for 1m could see some huge files. How times have changed!

    Can't wait for the vids when you've edited them.
  6. Thanks. The original full quality uncompressed stream is about twice the size/data rate, at around 28MB/min. Can compress acceptably to quite a deal smaller than 16MB/1min. Can get down to around 6MB/min for 640x480x25fps. Any smaller than that and it starts to get blocky and grainy unless the resolution is also cut down.

    Still playing with the various options for saving and compressing in different formats.
  7. The other thing I want to try is with focus set to ∞ and see if this clears up the image through the screen. I don't think it's as important to have the instruments in full focus, which they clearly are, while the scenery is slightly blurry until it gets close. Will give it a try later and see what impact it has.
  8. its not like thats the only r1 ever in existance, as long as it doesn't have your plates in it they can't prove it was you. I wanna see what speed your doin, and the real speed, and please, please let it be more then 85 km/h in your next video
  9. (havent seen the vid yet, I'll download it later...)

    how did you attach the camera? tape?
  10. woa! nice. I didn't even know these brackets existed. Though thinking about it, it makes sense given the number of videos out there.

    Are most tank caps the same size, i.e. does this fit the majority?
  11. Great little camera, and just what I need as a helmet cam for aerobatics. May I ask what it cost? And have you tried AVID Free DV? It has Drag-and-drop Editing, Insert, Overwrite, Superimpose, Fit-to-fill, and 3-Point editing, and did I mention it's free?

  12. This oughta be good, Cathar, considering the hard time you gave to a certain video poster a few months back! :LOL:
    Can't wait to see you in action. Seriously. :wink:
  13. mmm super quality vid... best viewed at work due to the size of that file tho.

    were u off down the street for some petrol? :LOL:
  14. I tried another run with focus set to ∞, and it made a noticable difference to scenery quality and sharpness. Instruments are now slightly out of focus but still very legible, but the rest of the scene is significantly sharper.

    They make different brackets for different tank cap types. I think that there are about 20 different varieties for almost all makes/models of bikes.

    I gave the model number (Casio EX-S600). Doesn't matter what I paid for it. RRP in Australia is $650. Depending on how hard you look, you should be able to pick one up for $350-$400 Aussie or so if you order from the USA.

    Thanks for the great tip on AVID. :)
  15. Does the camera have Image Stabilisation? If so turn it on! More than a few minutes of jumpy picture and you're ready to hurl!
  16. LOL. The only thing I said was to watch out for the dangers of sticking one's head too far over the center-line, a sentiment that was echoed by about 5 others. Still don't know why I was singled out, perhaps because I was being too polite in saying it.
  17. It does. Now that I've determined which focus mode is best, I'll do a test run tomorrow with it turned on, although I have taken around an hour of footage today and it really wasn't that jumpy.
  18. Nah, - 'cos you were first (I think).
    Hey I don't disagree necessarily, and I'm quite sure you've got tough enough skin when it comes YOUR turn to have your riding dissected. :wink:
    Like I said, looking forward to the vids.