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Tank Camera Mount (review)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by the_blacke, May 23, 2010.

  1. * mods I tried to create this in product reviews but it wouldn't let me

    I bought a Tank Camera Mount like this one from dormousesleep on ebay. It screw onto the tank where the fuel cap mounts like so:

    Despite ordering the Kawasaki model, this mount doesn't fit my tank as expected. Ideally it will screw in in 3 points, but the arc of the base doesn't match the arc of my fuel cap, so I have it screwed in 2 places, and have taped (elegantly, I know!) some soft padding onto the bottom of the baseplate so as not to scratch the tank. I believe this has resulted in some camera shake (compounded by the type of camera I use) but I have tightened the screws up and am fairly confident in it now.


    Elevation is adjustable by changing the angle at which the mounting plate attaches to the base plate. With a tall camera like my Kodak Zx3 this give you the option of having the clocks in or out of shot. Nice to have the choice, depending on what you're choosing to film.


    The mounting plate has a gazillion different holes and slots through which you can screw your camera on, again giving you flexibility with how you frame the video. It's long enough that I have actually run with 2 video cameras attached - a standard hand-held (eg low and long) one aimed at the clocks, and the tall thin Zx3 behind it to capture the view. Pointful? Not at all... but cute!


    The mount came with 3 hex-head screws to replace the ones that hold your tank cap in place, washers (metal and rubber), and 3 tripod-thread screws - 2 to attach the mount plate to the base place, and a third to attach your camera. If you want to attach more than one camera, or if your camera doesn't have the "standard" tripod mount hole in the bottom, you're on your own.

    Hex head screws need a 4mm allen key, which is the same as the screws to be replaced. All in all a 2 - 3 minute job to fit the mount to the bike, and for $30 I'm very happy with it. Note that it took a long time to be delivered - almost two weeks longer than other items ordered from overseas at the same time.

  2. are you leaving it attached ?

    or putting it on when needed?

    if so how long does it take to put on / take off?
  3. I leave it on all the time. That said, it only takes 3 mins to take it off provided you have the normal length screws to on you to put back in, so one could put it on only when wanted. If you kept it, the bag of screws / washers, and the right sized allen key in (say) a tail bag, it would be easy to swap it over on demand.

    However I'm filming every ride at the moment. Most of the footage I throw away, but I'm finding it useful to be able to pluck out footage, such as taxis being morons or me getting a wobble on a corner, so that I can analyse what I can do better.
  4. i got one of those suction cup mount things, real fast to stick on and off round the $30 on egay from memory :)

    Sofar Ive mounted it to a helmet, tank, and side of the bike like in the pics and it has never let go thus far in 6months although i tether it to something using a shoelace incase

    One time it was mounted to a mates dirtbike helmet and he rode under a low tree branch - the camera hit the branch and reefed backwards on the pivot, it damaged the camera and ripped my mates head back as well but he mount never let go lol
    (spose i could upload the vid if theres disbelievers, thank god i was only using a cheap kodak stillshot at the time not the hd cam as the camera nolonger works at all due to dust i think lol)
  5. Thanks for sharing and posting pics...shame it doesn't fit properly...that tape would annoy me.
  6. #6 the_blacke, May 23, 2010
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    for those who care I've thrown up a 6 min youtube on fitting it [URL="]here[/URL].

    (And I'm going to get some green tape to match the bike lol - what an anally-retentive dag I am!!)
  7. Good review and fitting video. My $50 helmet camera fell out of my helmet today so as soon as I saw this I jumped onto eBay.

    I'll let you know if mine fits! haha
  8. And whats the popular camera to use ?
  9. Great video mate. Very descriptive..oh, and I like the blue tape also :p
  10. How about posting a vid taken from camera mounted to the mount.
    How much does the video vibrate and bounce around, is it watchable??....
  11. Got my mount today. It does not fit *sigh*

    Looking at your YouTube video for mounting, I would say that you have the mount that would fit my bike and I have the mount that would fit yours.

    I even put a note on the eBay purchase saying I wanted it to fit a 6 bolt tank lid 08 Ninja 250. Still got it wrong.

    So i'll send them off an email and get another sent out I guess. Wait another 3 weeks as well.
  12. Where are you? is it worth getting together to try and swap them over, see if they fit better?
  13. I live in Brisbane so that's prohibitive I guess.

    Have a look at this pic:


    Is that something that would suit your bike?

    They gave me two options in the Paypal dispute; 1. Destroy the mount and send them a photo for a full refund or 2. Drill my own holes and get $10US back.

    I'm 99% certain I could photoshop a broken mount. But I'd rather they just sent me the correct one ](*,)
  14. if you PM me your address I'll express post my base plate up to you - and yes yours looks exactly like what I need!
  15. PM sent. The power of Netrider!
  16. Thanks to the_blacke I now have a mount that fits.

    Using my Canon HF200 on the bike though is somewhat disappointing. Too much vibration and general fuzziness/out-of-focus for my liking. The $50 helmet cam did a better job then my $1000 HD cam. But that's because it weren't made for the conditions.

    So I have a GoPro on order and will be waiting for that to come in. Helmet mounted cameras are definitely the way to go.
  17. I was thinking of getting one of these and chuck my sony digi cam on it. You think digi cams aren't ideal due to vibrations?
  18. I have a Sanyo 12 mp $100-00 Digi cam mounted on my handle bars. Takes excellent videos, with no shake,
    had to play with it, had to raise it as it took half my windscreen in the piccys. but it is right now, I just screw it onto the bolt that sits there permanently,
    Keep your fitting as short as possible, the longer the fitting, the more shake you get. one inch, no shake, 6 inches and you cant see the piccys for the shake.