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Tank Cam Help Needed

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by enforcer, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Equipment:

    * Canon MV500i
    * CCTV Security Colour Spy/Pinhole CMOS Wired Camera, T1


    * I am only able to view an image from the CCTV camera when the Canon MV500i is set to PLAY(VCR) mode -> When I press the record button it does not record.


    Fault Lodged Ref#1635654
  2. My panasaonic is like that too, you switch it to VCR mode, like you would if you were playing back your tape on a TV.

    With my camera, to record in VCR mode, you have to push [REC]+[PLAY] at the same time, and it will start recording.

    It's the same as using the camera to record off a TV, VCR or another camera.

    If all else fails, read your manual on recording from external sources, you might have to use a remote to start recording, if it came with one.
  3. Thanks 7THSIN.

    The [REC]+[PLAY] wasn't working but recording via remote worked fine.

  4. you need "AV in" as a feature on your movie camera
    and i think your model doesn't have that feature, but the
    MV550i does..
  5. pretty sure thats the same model as my old camera, the in function only operates as a pass through for DV. in other words, it acts like a video capture card but cant record on to its own tape :?

    bit annoying, i didn't find this out till after i bought mine. looked into it properly before buying the next camera....
  6. That CMOS lens is identical to the one I used at the track day, apart from it looks to have a resistor? sticking out the side?

    The quality isn't too bad for the price, and it's got an inbuilt microphone.

    enforcer, if you're wondering how to mount it, I'll show you what I did with mine.
    I used a rubber door-stop, which is just big enough to fit the lens inside, and the 9v battery fits neatly behind it.