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Tank bags

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by edgelett, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. well, time to start organising some luggage for my trip to PI & melbourne.

    the other half has a gear rack & will carry most of the gear on his CB1300.
    but I can't carry a gear rack on the hornet due to my big arse pipes (oh and it would look tacky :LOL: )

    so I've been looking at tank bags, & the biggest one i could find was an Oxford Super Sports expandable thing that cost $200.

    is that the usual price for a tank bag? any other recommendations from other members on a good magnetic tank bag?

    i want to carry as much as i can to help with the load, without scratching my pride & joy!

  2. It's a different option, but have you considered a bag that goes on your pillion seat? For me they tend to leave the tank freer to go from side to side. On the downside, you need to be able to get your leg over with the knee almost extended straight. All depends on your ergonomics and flexibility.
  3. The latest Rapid Bikes magazine has one listed.

    The mag isn't close to me atm, and I'm about to head off to work. It seemed to be a good looking bag.
  4. Never seen a tank bag scratch a tank yet. But what do I know, i have only been using one everyday for 12 months. :?
  5. Bought a Dririder CITY tank bag a few weeks ago. Very strong magnets. doesnt move around at all when used direct on the tank.
    Paranoid about scratching my new VFR, I bought a piece of felt cloth to put under it from girlysewingland and it does move a little bit when loaded, and pushing hard through the twisties, but otherwise, an excellent bag. Has the usual map pocket and stuff. Cost was @165 from PS


  6. I bought a Hustler brand tank bag off ebay.

    I used some of that non-slip matting that looks like foamy rubber that I picked up from BigW for $11, enough to do the bottom surface of the bag twice.

    Silicone blobs hold it in place, it's been on there for months, not a scratch on the tank. Hardly moves at all.

    The bag only cost me $55.
  7. Didi it come with a free "magazine"?
  8. Yeah, full of gimps :twisted: :twisted:
  9. I have to be _very_ careful to avoid scratching tanks with tank bags. Dust gets between the bag and the tank and can cause scratching if one isn't careful.

    The difference I suspect is that I live in the country where there is quite a bit of dust blowing when the wind picks up whereas you are in the city where dust isn't such a problem.

    I remember one time riding to Wintersun rally in Mildura we got caught in a dust storm, couldn't see more than 2 white lines in front of us... dust everywhere.

    When I too the tank bag off the tank after I arrived it wasn't pretty :(
  10. I thought we discussed this last week at coffee.

    Go to PS, get one of their Dririder bags:

    Size: 350/ 250/ 250. 22L < 31L
    Stock No. black NAB21

    Magnetic base, multi compartment with see through map holder. Zips into two bags with the top half converting to a back pack.

    Then go to "Spotlight" get a fluffy off-cut from their scraps bin - voila
  11. we did - however I flatly REFUSE to enter, or buy anything from Peter Stevens Adelaide.
    last time I was there looking to buy a bike from them, they refused to talk to me & only spoke to my BF.

    They said "why are you so interested in the bike, when you'll only be sitting on the back anyway?"

    so I need an option to buy one from somewhere OTHER than PS.
  12. Go up to Bill's in your lunch time.
  13. Have a look at the Oxford range, check out the Tail bags that go on the pillion seat dont know if you like them or if they suit your bike but they do hold a lot more than a tank bag unless you get one of the really big tank bags but I find the really big ones annoy me when riding, dont get me wrong I like tank bags but only the small tank bags for carrying my bit & pieces not the big ones.
    Most of the bike shops around Adelaide stock the Oxford range.
  14. i did mate - that's where I saw the Oxford tank bag for $200.
    i just thought it was a bit pricey & wanted to know what other brands people recommended (oxford was the only brand Bills stocked)

    I really don't think I'll go with a seat bag - from what I've seen it has to be tied down. which means scratching my paint. PLUS my bike doesn't actually have any tie down points, which means scratching my paint.

    thanks though guys, you've given me a few options to look at for tank bags! might try good ole e-bay...
  15. Oxford make some good quality gear alright, but for versatility and quality, you can't beat Famsa.
    (I'd post a link, but the site won't let me as I'm tooooo new! I'll just say that bikerworldusa are the place that sells 'em).

    Famsa make factory gear for a lot of bike makes and their gear is terrific. They do a magnetic base and also a strap on base if you don't have a steel tank.
    The 246 is HUGE and comes in two parts, a day bag and a large base unit. This is what I use and you won't get better, in my opinion anyway (for what it is worth). The only drawback is that it is a little pricey compared to Oxford, but then, ya gets what ya pays for :wink:

    No, I don't work for Famsa! :LOL:
  16. Another vote for the Hustler tanks bags here, mine is fantastic, and very well made.

    Regards, Andrew.