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Tank Bags ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VladTepes, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. I'd like a tank bag but wouldn't know where to start / what to look for ?! (features, size etc)

    Would be to suit my GSX1400.
  2. I got an oxford magnetic mount tank bag. You can zip the magnetic part off and it becomes a back pack. Kinda handy if you are like me and keep wallet, phone and point and shoot cam in the tank bag, cause it means I can take it with me when I explore.

    Problem is, no matter how hard you try, it still scuffs the tank a little. I got clear body armour on my bike which helps. If you are precious about paintwork then maybe one of those tank bags that has a permenant tank mount is better, but I reckon dust under them will still wear away paint.
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  3. As far as I know, there are three options:
    • magnetic,
    • bra (bagster) / or strap-on
    • quick-lock style that mounts on your filler ring.
    I've not had a magnetic, but a bike I just recently bought as a stop-gap has a bagster. I don't like it. It is fugly, and a PIA come filling time.

    On my previous bike (DL650) I had (still got) got a small bags connection bag similar to this: [​IMG]

    If you just want somewhere to put a few nick-knaks it is the duck's nuts. It connects to an adapter on the tank ring. There is a pull cord to release.

    Have a read of this too:
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  4. I've got a Oxford 'first time' tank bag which is magnetic, I was using a back pack before and once I switch to a tank bag I felt more confident going around corners. I've used it every weekday for about 5 months, the wet weather bag that stretches over it has got a tear along the side but it doesn't really impact on it any way because of the angle.

    If I remember correctly it was $40 from Sydney City Motorcycles and it's pretty good. It's also has a clear plastic sleeve on top which you can throw in a map/phone(GPS) and use while you're going - pretty good imo.

    I've seen a few of the Oxford on bikes around Mascot that the UPS couriers use and they're pretty much brown and lost colour but look fine damage wise so they hold up alright imo.
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  5. men and their bags :D
  6. I've tried the Bagster but it took up too much space on the ST1300's tank, limiting turning circle as the bars hit the bag. The bra worked well though to protect the tank's paintwork.

    I now have an Oxford magnetic bag like TRA - excellent / recommend them.
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  7. I like the sound of the larger oxoford magnetic bags but $200 is a lot of dosh !
  8. there was an aus site for wolfman luggage. just can't seem to find it. but it's there somewhere
  9. I got an RJays magnetic tank bag. Can fit my jacket liner inside and sunnies and maybe a little bit more.

    I looked at the Kriega which has the strap connectors and its waterproof but seemed a bit expensive to me. There was other tankbags I looked at as well.

    For me just needed a cheap simple tankbag when I don't want to wear my backpack.

    Depends on what you want it for. Long trips/short trips, extra carry space, waterproof, etc etc
  10. I have a givi topbox which usually use on teh bike for commuting etc and I can lock up all my valuables in that. Doesnt make the bike look pretty but it does the job intended.

    I'd like a magnetic bag similar to those larger (expandable) oxford ones for carrying as much (or as little) gear as required at the given time. Waterproof would be very desirable.

    Wolfman luggage (in Australia) seems to be here

  11. I've got a dri-rider magnetic one and a cheaper one from Aldi which is better.

    They both come in three pieces which zip together but unless I'm touring I just use the smaller bag (the botton with the magnets is basically just a clear map cover). It has a shoulder strap and works well.

    The only thing to remember is that a magnetic one won't work on an alloy tank... :)
  12. Thanks. Problem with Aldi stuff is you never know when (or if) it's going to come up until the week before.

    I'd reckon the GSX1400 has a steel tank.

    It's hard to know from the descriptions on those sites whether soe are magnetic or otherwise.
    The Wolfman Rainier looks like a good bag ? https://www.adventuremoto.com.au/pr...id=83&osCsid=4d0d9325e94382e6dc0c0318b05f78f0

    Anyone know a shop in Brisbane that stocks a wide range of tank bags, so I can have a look and try one on my bike to ensure fit ?
  13. I have an alpinestars something or other that I bought off a forum member. Nice bag, well made, it's a bit big for my tiny bike but works well.

    A big of faffing around to refill the tank so I usually use a ventura rack instead.

    Most useful feature is the clear top so I can shove a map or my phone in there for a GPS.

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  14. I've got an expandable Motodry which has been used for years. Gets massive and never moves. Only slight prob is zip can now be a bit dodgy. Have you considered a pillion bag? Many come with the base that stays on the bike and just clip in the top bag part?
  15. nothing out there comes close to the bags connection ones honestly. if you want a good one. they are made in the farterland, all german parts.
    they keep their shape empty or full. felt lined interiors with separate partitions. hidden pockets. you name it, they've got it. can mount a gps or cam cradle on some of them. specific mount sold as accessory. can even lock and unlock from the tank with an isolated switch wired to ignition. they are the ducks guts of tankbags.
  16. I've got a small-ish magnetic MotoDry tank bag and been using it for about 6 months. It has a rain cover which is fine for most conditions except torrential downpours where some leakage occurs. Overall, it's okay for day trips but not really big enough when doing over-nighter's to the g/friend's place. God I miss my Ventura rack system! I also have a Ventura seat bag which I used to fit to the GS500F but alas, the bra doesn't suit the Daytona's pillion (if you can call it that) seat.

    Re. Scratches to the tank: What I've found is you need to check the bottom before placing it on the tank - the number of times I've had a washer, paperclip, screws, iron-enriched stones etc. stuck to the bottom is quite incredible.
  17. My old tank bag was a Joe Rocket Manta, which was perfect for carrying keys, wallet, phone, sunglasses, a couple of sandwiches and a drink.

    My new one is a Cortech. A little more roomy than the Manta and it has the added bonuses of a clear map pocket and a carrying handle. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is just doing day trips.