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Tank bags, what do you do with them?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Minority153, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. This may sound incredibly silly, but I was thinking about getting a tank bag, but at the same time I kind of want it to double either as a mini backpack or handbag, but the idea of walking around with magnets near my phone freaks me out?

    Okay, here's the silly part.... What do people do with their tank bags when they're not riding???

  2. Hi M153,
    I've got a Tail & Tank bag, convertible for both applications. The Oxford 18. It has a harness system to attach to the tail/pillion seat as well as the magnetic saddle to attach to your tank. Most of the time I use it as a tail bag, fitted to the rack behind me. I don't normally put the phone in it, but if it were then it really should should be far enough away to not cause an issue. I do often throw my wallet in and I've never had an issue with any of my swipe cards.
    As I don't use it as a tank bag often I have actually made the magnetic strap removable (zip off) so that it doesn't weigh as much when I want to carry it around with me. It also increases the space inside the bag a little as it doesn't need to deform around the magnetic strap which is more than 10mm thick when it's folded away.
    If I'm just on a social ride and there's nothing important/expensive in the bag then I just leave it on. If I need to leave the bike for an extended period, or if I have valuables, then I just take it with me like a satchel with the included strap.
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    I have a kriega 20L, it comes with a strap so you can wear as a shoulder bag. I only really take it off when I'm going into work. Otherwise I leave it on the bike. If I'm in an area I think is kinda dodgy, I use the coiled cable with my helmet lok, to lock it to the bike - it's not ideal, if someone wants it they'll take it, but I guess it's a deterrent

    *edit - it's a tail pack, not a tank bag
  4. I either leave my kriega on the bike or carry it like a peasant, I quickly realized I dislike a shoulder strap over my leather jacket. Do you need a tankbag, tailbags are quite good.
  5. I've had two magnetic bags, and whilst they served their purpose, never moved nor damaged the paintwork, I just didn't ike the idea of something sitting on the tank held on like they were.

    As I have a fair bit of Givi luggage I looked into what they had after a couple of friends reported they were impressed with theirs. Givi have 13 tank bags in their range in both magnetic and tank-lock. I went with the XS307 Tanklock as it was just the right capacity, had a good size top clear panel for maps and other paperwork, a couple of side pockets, and big enough to hold my wet weather gear, camera, phone, walet etc.

    The tank-locks have a small ring that fits on the petrol cap mounting screws and the bags just clip onto this. To get them off just push a small clip/lever underneath. There is an adjustable strap at the rear (or would you call it the front ?) that clips round the bar risers for extra safety. To fill up the bike I just unclip the bag and sit it on top of the brake reservoir with a small occy strap holding it onto the right mirror.

    It has a decent handle at the front so can easily be carried when off the bike. It's expandable from 15 t 22 lts, and even has an iPad holder that can be clipped on top. I found it very handy having things right in front, was not worried about it moving, and Axel had a supply of treats kept in one of the side pockets for him as well.

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  6. I have an Oxford tankback/tailbag (Humpback?). It is expandable and can consume quite a bit of gear. It is also reasonably waterproof (it has a rain cover but I've never used it even in the most chaotic weather conditions). The magnetic base can be zipped off which converts it to a backpack (straps are concealed between the magnetic base and the bag when zipped together.) Unfortunately this leaves you with the magnetic bit left on the bike (where it could be stolen if you aren't in a secure location).

    I usually just carry the bag by the carry handle when I'm not riding. Possibly not the greatest look, but it's functional, and that's what I'm after.

    I haven't used it as a tailbag as I use the clear to panel of the tankbag for electronic tolling tags and other items that I need to be able to see (like written directions etc). I've never had any trouble with the magnets effecting mobiles, credit cards etc nor scrathing the paintwork.
  7. Okay, so these magnets won't affect our modern day techy stuff. Cool, that's such a relief!

    Well, if anything I'd probably go with christinek's version, having it be a strap bag as well. And I really don't need it to be too big. Just like a really large lunch box size.

    I've seen the givis around, I'll definitely take a look at them. Do they scratch the paintwork?

    Thanks for the reviews on all the gear :)
  8. Minority153Minority153 , like a few have already mentioned I have a tail bag rather than a tank bag. It holds 20 litres and is waterproof. Perfect for holding your waterproof overpants/jacket and lunch.

    The Kriega US 20 is what i have (pic below)

    It unclips and attaches to the bike very easily and has a shoulder strap should you need to use it like a bag.


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  9. If you want a back pack, buy a back pack. Most tank bags will come with a shoulder strap for carrying it like a hand bag when not on the bike. as for what you use a tank bag for is subjective. it might be because you have maxed out your luggage capacity for top box and panniers.

    Most common use is for displaying maps (most usually have some kind of clear pocket for this) and carrying items you might want to access without dismounting the bike, wallet, phone, cameras etc. eg.you want to get a photo on the ride you pull up grab camera out of tank bag snap pic put camera back all without having to get off the bike.
  10. Saddle bags -I Throw them out! Mine got got cremated on my yoshi on my recent country run...still working out what I donated to the roads of the west :(
    Tail bag only for Wasabi!
    Tank bag just gets chucked in the spare room along with all the other biking bits I am rapidly accumulating...
    I'll be stripping the engine in the lounge room soon!! Ha ;)
  11. i know this doesn't help you or answer your question but the advantage of a scoot is you have plenty of room under the seat - mine also has a handy little place for my phone & wallet - but more seriously - i only carry enough that i can fit in the pockets of my jeans&/or jacket - means I don't have to carry anything when I arrive at my destination - even the sena comes off and slips in my jacket pocket - can even clip the house keys securely in said pocket as well. :happy:
  12. I used to ise the tank bag daily for my commute. in addition to a back pack. I kept my wallet, phone and etag in it without any issue.
    The clear map compartment is handy for the phone when I don't know where I'm going, I can check the google maps when I stop.
    I would just take the bag in to work with me by it's carry handle, because there's no straps or clips it's quick and easy.


  13. I recently got the Oxford X30 tankbag. Unzips from the magnetic base and becomes a backpack.

  14. how do you go seeing the dials with that ( if you've had it ) fully loaded?
  15. Don't know about that particular bike...but I reckon it would depend on how tall you are. I have a similar Oxford bag on my SV650S and I have no trouble seeing my instruments when it is extended and full...but I am 6'2"...