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Tank Bag without the scratches

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FormerUser2, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  2. that's not bad - I've been looking at magnetic ones but the potential scuffs would sh!t me.

    I'm fairly tall so I won't have too much of a problem with any added height of the bag - might be worth a look.
  3. I have an Oxford magnetic and have been running it for nearly two years and it hasn't scratched my tank at all.


    Mine is the Sprint, the first one on the page.
  4. Good glad rap , seems to protect the tank fine as well , placed under the magnets
    or use clear contact where the magnets are
  5. very interesting indeed - amway for bikes... :LOL:

    seriously though, there are so many good products without australian distribution - this kind of model could work quite well. Ahem, now - who would like to sign up so I can buy off them? :D
  6. The only way to tell the difference between a hamster and a gerbil is that the hamster has more white meat

    So, then, how do you tell the difference between a stoat and a weasel?

    You can weasly tell a weasel, but a stoat's stotally different

  7. you'll have to elaborate on that gem of wisdom hornet...
  8. Ive got one of these

    Absolutly brilliant. Has never scratched my tank, and expandable, so it about doubles in size if you need it.
  9. Looks great. Could even be better than my Bagster cover and tank bag.
  10. Seems like a good idea but my only concern would be when weight is put in , it will tend to tip onto the tank (mainly the front by the looks) . i had a dri-rider bag (i think , voyager has it now) on my ZX9 and it never scratched the paint . But this idea i do like .
  11. Well, ive packed my bag full (at double height) full of computer gear. Belted up to Wollongong (thru Kiama Bends mind you) and it didnt move, once. This MotoDry is awesome.