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Tank Bag is good

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by WhatASlowRider, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. just got an alphinestarts tankbag, it's great, finally i could get rid of the 'monkey' on my back as many may say, i feel more comfortable & confident with it.

    the bag comes with both magnets & straps available, well, supposed to be with both, but unfornatualtely mine is missing the magnets, and i cannot go back to ask for them. anyone know where i can buy magnets, specifically somewhere cheap?

  2. Kind of sucks you need to supply your own magnets if it's meant to come with them. Why can't you ask?

    If you want to buy some, I suggest you check out Jaycar or eBay and look for neodymium (rare earth) magnets, they're very small and very strong.
  3. Pull apart old computer hard drives there is generally a pancake magnet as part of the drive spin assembly. So find all your old 20G and 30G hard drives and pull them apart.
  4. Got some old speakers that are shot?
  5. Wait for the Aldi MC Gear sale & get one of their Tank Bags.
    They kick arse over the Tankster Bags (YMMV).
    Multi pockets, removable bum bag, stackable compartments.
  6. will try it if i fail to get magnets.

    anyway i bought it overseas so the bag costed me only $50, not a big deal