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Tank Bag hits Kill Switch in Traffic....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gpxkermit250, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Doing a right hand hook turn today in the CBD my GPX died just as I was at the sharpest point of the turn - about 1 to 2 seconds after taking off. without really thinkng (and Im glad this was my first action) my right hand went straight for the ignition and when I got nuth'n (no kick/turn) I steered the bike way over to the left next to pedestrians walking and I raised my hand up in the air at the same time. I have no idea why I did that, possible becasue i see riders and drivers doing that when they stall at the start of races? Thinking that if the cagers behind me has any smarts they would see something was wrong as that wasnt normall behaviour.

    I looked like a gimp rolling and waving, but I think it was the best thing to do besides jumping off the bike and running in the opposite direction in a panic attack.

    When I put my tank bag on this morning, it was too close to me and I couldnt really lean forward or head check properly so I pushed it as far forward as I could.. Stupid as the corner of the bag was just sitting there a few cm away from the switch waiting for me to use the bars when turning hard right.

    2 thoughts for any replies -

    a) suggestions or advice for the stall or conk out when riding (freeway or otherwise)
    b) Any other tank bag hazards to be aware of (I have just got it)
  2. as for a stall all i can say is look for an exit away from the flow of traffic and get out of peoples way. thats a no brainer.. as far as the bag hitting the kill switch, is it a wide bag ?.mines kind of skinny and never hit it with the bars. can you move it to the left to give more right hand clearance without stuffing your left hand turns.
  3. First question would have to be why do you need a tank bag on your bike everyday?

    From my own experience tank bags are a last resort for extra luggage on a long haul only and would prefer to use a backpack or rack bag on a daily basis.

    Another alternative is the helmet bag, which is basically a bumb bag that converts into a back pack when you need to carry extra gear or carry your helmet around when off of the bike.
  4. Pull the clutch in.
  5. Clutch!!!! important !!!!!

    no clutch, back wheel locks up -> bad!
  6. 2. Move tank bag with right hand
    3. Reset kill switch
    4. Let out clutch, with half open throttle.
    5. Continue journey.
  7. I wear a backpack on my commute to work, am thinking of getting a ventura rack, Have often wondered what the backpack may do to my back if i were to come of and slide with it on though, would prolly make me roll like ball and not help the spine
  8. i used to use my tankbag all the time but have gone back to the backpack as the bag can scratch the tank (if you dont put an old t-shirt under it) and catches the wind.. im looking for a rack as we speak
  9. Until you get a bike with a cantankerous kick-start (only) and a tendency to stall in traffic, you've got nothing to complain about! :mad:

  10. Mine makes the high beam come on, but only when fully turned to use the steering lock.

    I mush prefer it to a backpack though!
  11. I use a large "man Bag" I picked up at the Motor Show a few years ago every day. :) Its slung around my neck and hangs off the left of me. I have often looked at Crumpler courier bags as they do up but they're to expensive for this tight arse. :LOL:
    For heavier gear I use a backpack but I'm looking for a tailbag/seat bag at the Expo on Friday.
  12. exit exit exit & clutch clutch clutch!! got it : )

    Thanks all.. some good stuff in there to think about in addition to the obvious no brainer points.

    I used to use a crumpler but it felt a bit cramped. The bottom of the tank bag zipps off and becomes a back pack, which I havent tried yet so I might do that on the way home to test and and use the bag part a last resort if.

    I remember reading a post where some one stacked and swore that their backpack added some well needed padding and protection as there were tumbling along the road next to their bike.
  13. if the only thing your carry is jumpers and bits of foam but keys, coins, pens, cameras, phones and the like are good for swiss cheesing you back.
  14. A guy stacked in front of me and back-ended (or spine-ended) hard a thick wooden support to a guard-rail! He did it with his backpack (stuffed thick with soft stuff), and seemed fine re his spine!

    A week later a mate t-boned a red-light runner at 80km/hr and landed on his back - on his backpack - which was mosly empty except for his disc lock. It hurt, and he was lucky that was all!

    There are pros and cons.
  15. I was riding along the highway the other day and i was getting a cramp in the thumb of my throttle hand, while stretching the thumb i accidentally hit the kill switch at 110kph, not thinking it through and by complete reflex i realized what i did and flicked it back and the bike backfired and kept running.

    Thinking about it now i should of pulled the clutch in, I am happy however that there was no problem with the "push start" at 110kph, if the back wheel locked up i would be screwed.
  16. Fairly hard to lock the back wheel up in top gear.
  17. super glue the kill switch to on position... and yeah pull the clutch.... i mean world peace..
  18. If your bag is magnetic (or even if it's not) use the retaining strap.

    It's rather unpleasant dealing with a laden tank bag that is no longer sitting where it should be....especially at cruising speed and say, mid corner.