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Tank bag for Yamaha XVS1100A?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Bluesuede, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. I was just wondering whether anyone might know of a good place to get tank bags to suit the Yamaha V-Star 1100 either locally (Melbourne) or online at an Aussie site. Yamaha of course sell some but I'm hoping to find something better (or less expensive!) than their branded versions.

    The V-Star of course has a whopping big speedo mounted on the tank so the average bag is no good - haven't actually seen the Yamaha ones to see how well they deal with that, to be honest. My old tank bag from the touring days of my past is no good.

    I can always do the bag strapped to the rear seat, or mount a luggage rack, etc etc which will give me more space than the saddlebags I already have, but I did always like being able to have a map sitting in front of me in the top window of the tank bag.

    Can anyone recommend something suitable?
  2. More than 24 hours since you posted this question so it's not looking good so far.

    I couldn't find a suitable tank bag for my 1100 Custom so had to go with the sissy bar/rack/RJays bag combo. :(

    Not too happy with the bag as it's a bit fragile and nowhere near as waterproof as my old Gearsack.
  3. Yeah it was kind of a faint hope really, I haven't been able to find anything suitable myself even on overseas sites that isn't so small as to be completely useless. I'm figuring I may have to get a sissy bar and luggage rack fitted to go with a sissy bar mounted option instead. Lot more money than I really want to pay though...

    That being said, I did find this nice looking seat mounted option made by Kuryakyn:


    (the Grantour bag which can be seat mounted)

    Damned if I can find it being sold anywhere in Australia though...
  4. I looked at Kuryakin luggage too. The only Aussie site that I could find that claims to source their stuff was Tiny's Cruiser World but I've never dealt with them so have no idea what they're like.
  5. I've been doing some searching too, looks like this site stocks all their luggage:

    Chromeworld Australia

    Thinking about whether I should just take the plunge and purchase. One of my mates in the US swears by the stuff. Hmmm
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  8. Yeah didn't think I would go ahead and throw good money away on the "official" tank bag lol

    I decided to compromise in the end, and today I bought a smallish magnetic tank bag (yay a map window) from Bike Mart in Ringwood, plus a decent sized seat mounted bag as well. An absolute steal for the two for only $78 with my 10% MRAA discount! :grin:

    I'm happy :)