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Tank Bag and Scratching paint

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Toecutter, May 2, 2008.

  1. No, and paint's fine

  2. NEver used to, but scratched the paint, so now I do

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  3. Always, and use....(please post answer)

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  1. Did a search, and mixed responses.

    Just bought a magnetic Oxford tank bag.

    Have seen the lightweight rubber matting (sold at $2 shops BigW etc) used, and if I have to, can use that as the bag does unzip from the base if I want to take the bag with me as a backpack.

    So who puts the bag on the tank with no protection and if so, how's the paintwork holding out?

    Or if anything else to use please advise.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Ihave a bagster and it's brilliant.

    Dom has an Oxford, and it has scratched the fark out of his tank.
  3. I got a roll of the stuff from BigW. Laid the tank bag under neath it. Cut it to size. A few drops of hot melt glue to keep it in place and voila.
  4. My Oxford has not scratched the paint.

    You just have to be careful not to let the magnets pick up any
    stray metal particles.
  5. I have to agree with Tweet, the Bagster is awesome had one on my bird and not one scratch on the tank..the rest of it? well thats another story :shock:
  6. Where is the "I'm a lazy bastard and don't use anything and the tank is scratched option"? :LOL:
  7. Can't add poll options, and you're the Mod, so feel free :p
  8. Where the f%8K you riding to pick up metal particles :shock:

    Thanks - that's what I wanted to hear, my riding's closer to Dom's
  9. Good thinking 99, and can get my hands on one of those :cool:
  10. I have a Hustler tank bag plus open rubber matting equals no scatches...........easy to do, but I couldn't be bothered to glue it to the base.

    No matter with or without matting, ya gotta make sure the tank is clean and the base is also clean and clear of little "dust" particles.

  11. oh yeah it sure has, wish id gone matt black, scratches are far less obvious. steve uses felt like material to protect his ductail from oxford seat panniers, that seems to work well.
  12. I wipe the tank and the bottom of the bag down before I put the bag on, and I don't put the bag on the ground. And I put the bag on slowly so I can make sure it's straight so I don't have to adjust it. :)
  13. pfft, luggage....may as well take the car :p
  14. I'm a girl, I've got things I need with me... :p

    But really - is it so bad to have some supplies in the tank bag - water, tissues, mobile, money, girl things... :grin:
  15. :rofl:
    yeah, i guess....i sure am glad i have no "girly things" requirements!
    it would be heaps cooler if you just filled your pockets.
    if it doesnt fit in my pockets, it doesnt come :grin:
  16. I've had a Oxford for over three years and the only scratches I have on the tank are from contact with the road, not the bag :LOL:.
  17. Sock and undies inside out and back to front and your set for a three day tour with nothing but change in your pockets :p
  18. TC go to Super cheap auto and they sell a clear contact, like your used to put on book covers at school.
    Its in a roll like a glad rap roll ,you cut it to size and put it on your tank.
    Its thicker then normal contact and its clear and you can't notice it when its on.
    Sorry don't know the name of it ,but its about $40 they have a motorcycle one and one for a car ,same stuff but you get more in the car roll then the bike, get the car one you will need the extra .
    I used it on my bike ,but I didn't do a evey good job ,gona get a mate to do it properly. :oops:
  19. I carry a tin of lip cream, my prescription glasses in case it gets dark, the liner for my jacket in case it gets cold in the dark, my wallet and my house keys, oh, and the strap for the tank bag so I can carry it like a handbag - I'd feel naked without it!!!! :wink:

    And Joel, my boots have a heel - that's why I got them!! We can be girly and ride bikes you know :grin:
  20. all i saw in that post was "naked"
    do you really ride naked? :grin: