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Tamworth accommodation advice

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Mid Life Crisis, May 25, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    I am starting to plan a weekend ride to Tamworth from Sydney. Up the Putty to Scone, then stay at Tamworth for the night. Cutting through to Dungowan and Nowendoc, then Thunderbolts way to Gloucester, Dungog, Bucketty, Wisemans Ferry, then home. I was going to make it to Walcha, but found what appears to be a nice back road to Nowendoc.

    Normally in the summer months, I am not averse to putting the tent up and camping, but with winter coming, the old bones will probably seek something more comfortable to rest up after the ride.

    Can anybody suggest or recommend a comfortable accommodation that provides a level of bike security? I am happy to stay at a pub or anywhere that has a comfy bed, hot meal, and a cold beer at a reasonable price. All my googling hasn't shown anything that isn't either street parking for the bike or 5 star.

    As a side bar, Any comments or advice on my route would be welcomed

  2. What sorta bike you on? There are some good roads if your dirt capable also.
    I would think most motels would be fine in terms of security. I wouldn't think bike theft is a big issue here.
    Mark at the Grange motel is a bike guy and his trumpy is just parked there all the time.
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  3. The back road you speak of to nowendoc is a goodun. Up port Stephens cutting. The road can be a bit rough from dungowanish to the top of the hill but then it gets real nice. Just keep a good eye out for trucks,oil and poo poo slicks from cattle trucks and once at the top through the pines for kangaroos and wombats. They are particularly bad morning and evening. One of my favourite roads to ride round here.
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  4. Hi Pepper,

    Riding a Ninja Sports Tourer. I am not afraid of gravel/dirt but prefer to stay away from it.

    Thanks for the info on The Grande, I think it may be what i am looking for. Maybe a little bit of a walk to a pub but that is OK.

    Thanks for the input and also the heads up on the Nowendoc Rd
  5. Having just done a significant chunk of that ride last weekend, there are a few sections of roadworks on Thunderbolts and the road out from Tamworth to Dungowan, but overall I didn't have any problems. Be a bit aware of the actual Port Stephens cutting going up the hill -- its relatively narrow, and you occasionally meet a farm truck / school bus / cyclist (on Sundays) coming the other way. Up the top across to the junction with Thunderbolts is a great bit of fast road with really only the occasional local and skippy on it.

    Personally, I find the New England Hwy relatively uninteresting... You might also consider the Putty to Singleton, then across to Dungog, Gloucester & Thunderbolts up to the same turnoff to Tamworth and go down the cutting, although I'm not sure of the condition of the Bingleburra & Stroud Hill roads as its been a while since I've done them. There's also a section of roadworks at the top end of the 10-mile of the Putty.

    Accommodation-wise, I expect your bike would be relatively safe anywhere you can park it off the street / out of sight. I have also heard the Grande is bike-friendly too.

    Have fun!
  6. Thanks Dr Sleepy.

    Actually, slight change in route. Going to turn off just passed Wallabadah and head to Nundle and stay at the pub there. It limits my time on the New England to only between Muswellbrook and Wallabadah. Head to Nowendoc in the morning from there. The pub has room for $60 including full cooked breakfast sounds pretty good to me.
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