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Taller riders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Wanderer, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. Hi All,

    I got my L's about a month ago and am now looking to purchase a bike. :D
    At this stage I am looking more at cruisers/standards as opposed to anything sporty/offroad. The catch is I am fairly tall (6'4") and wondered if any bikes in the 250 range were better suited to taller riders? I am planning on going through the shops in Ringwood this weekend, but thought I'd ask if anyone had any recommendations. Also, any advice on the dealers in Ringwood would be appreciated. Some bikes I had considered trying were the CBR250 and the Shadow or the Virago. I need something to travel the Monash to commute.
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  3. I have a virago, and I'm 6'5 and very heavy. I'm having a few issues with it at the moment re: my height, but apart from that its pretty cool.

    That being said - if I can't re-jig the seat on it, I -may- think about replacing it.

    Oh Martyh - get the RWC for your bike! :p
  4. What sort of issues

    When you mention issues - are you referring to comfort? I need to commute about 20k's per day (each way) and on a freeway. Also, how are they grunt wise in keeping up with the traffic?
  5. Seat position/shape is all I'm really complaining about - other than that its pretty good comfort-wise (I have flat bars on mine as opposed to the ape hangers I've seen). Controls can be adjusted for a larger person easily enough, although the mirrors will let you look at your armpits and nothing else.

    Grunt-wise - I've gotten mine up to nearly 80kph and it wasn't really complaining. Probably goes faster than that, but I've not done that yet. Seemed to have something left. No 250 is going to be ultra-fast, but at least you won't get speeding tickets!
  6. Hehe, the RGV or RS250 don't have any problems with going ultra-fast. 2 stroke though *phewy*
  7. How much does it cost to get an RWC ? Knowing VicRoads, probably more than the bike...
  8. i raised the suspension on my old bandit 250 and it was awesome. not only does it make it better for taller riders, but it also improves the handling by making it turn in easier/faster. i'd go one of the naked sports bikes, gutsy as the full on sports (at least the inine 4s are) but much much more comfy. i'm only 6 foot and i felt cramped as all hell on the cbr250 after riding my bandit. whatever you do, dont get a GPX, they're a great bike, but really wouldn't be any good for someone bigger than 5'8 or so.....

    most of the sports bikes will easily sit on 100 and will still accelerate pretty quickly up to 120-130 if your in the right gear. they'll still keep going after that, but its pretty slow acceleration. i had my bandit at 170 (indicated, probly more like 150 really) once, took a while tho :?
  9. Which bikes do you recommend looking at? :?:
  10. i think the Suzuki Bandit, Yamaha Zeal and Kawasaki Balius are your best bets, the Honda Hornet might be a bit pricey but thats a nice bike if you can affort it. i love the bandit, and a nice cheap easy mod for the 95 onwards models, is to stick a pre 95 shock in the rear which puts the back up by a couple of cm. makes the bike look and feel alot bigger, i had alot of people asking me why i was riding a 600 on my Ls :LOL:

    all those bikes are naked 4 stroke inline 4s and should all perform very similar. while i know they're not quite as fasat in a straight line as the CBR/ZXR etc, they are VERY close. basically, it all comes down to the rider its that close.

    sit on as many bikes as you can though, and have a good stuff around with the riding postion, mirrors and seat height. you dont necesarily have to take them for a ride, but it would help to see how they are in the real world. find whats comfy first, and then look for something in your price range.....
  11. Peter Stevens Dandenong $50 Cranbourne Motorcycles $60 down from $70 to keep me from riding 15k's to Dandenong, assuming they pass with no work required!
  12. Hi welcome

    If you want to sit one as many 250cc bikes in the shortest time make a visit to Sumoto, nice show room with a decent range of 250s but just keep your wallet in your pocket you should be able to find a better deal for the model you decide on elsewhere.
  13. oh yeah, dont buy anything from those pricks. go in there, look around, and walk outta there. a friend of mine bought a spada from there, she paid top dollar, waited 4 months to get the thing and it was a complete fuggen lemon!

    the paint they used was good, but they didn't prep very well at all, they sprayed the motor without even cleaning it, i pulled a stone out from under the paint! the brakes were probably 5mm under RWC both front and back and the pads were definately not new even though they said it all would be. she never got it home when she first picked it up, cos one cylinder died in the ass. it probably lasted a couple of hours the second time she picked it up before the same thing happened. then they took it back for a while to supposedly fix it, gave it back and the same fuggen thing happened again after a few days. i cant remember all the ins and outs, but she got stuffed around for near 6 months between paying and having a ridable bike :shock:

    it took some serious threats about dobbing them in for selling an unroadworthy bike before they fixed everything properly. AVOID LIKE A HOLE IN THE HEAD!!!!
  14. Hey for those who have seen me fletingly at Coffee nights I'm 6'4" and well over 150kgs and the Across does me ok. The only thing I've done to it is had it tuned and raised the suspension to the highest setting from factory standard.

    Two weeks ago rode Melb to Seymour to Yea back through Whittlesea and home to Melb. Got a cramp at Whittlesea and that was only cos I stopped and got off the bike. If I had of kept going I would have been alright.
  15. Without a doubt the Across suits taller riders (and some of the shorter ones like myself! :wink: )... and as for 250's and their speed capabilities.... The Across can go plenty fast enough for you to lose your licence for more than 12 months!!! :p
    There are plenty of people who put the Across down... but I've yet to hear any one argument that can be PROVEN to be a truthful criticism (ie: a personal opinion doesn't count, ie: because it's a Suzuki!).
  16. I'm 6ft and looked RIDICULOUS on my first bike (gn250) :oops: , but my 2nd bike was a zzr250 and it was good for me. I found it a really good all round bike...thrashed it a bit too and it loved it!!!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. It must have been just me - I tried an Across before I got the XV and I couldn't get comfortable - my knees hit the fairings, my back hurt after mere minutes, and I felt like I was going to slide off it. I have heard that its a good bike for a taller rider though - just not THIS one.

    At least with the XV the only problem I have is the seat position, and I'm sure a decent bike tech could fix that. I find the rest of it pretty good - particularly with the flat bars I have a nice relaxed posture. I have a tendency to let my knees drift off the tank, but I think thats just laziness on my part.