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Tall rider seeking sports bike!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SHEPPO, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. G'day people,

    I'm 195cm tall (87kg), and looking to upgrade from by Bandit to a sports bike. My plans are to use this bike for runs through the twisties, the occasional track day, and a ride to work here and there when i'm sick of the car.

    Ideally i'd like to step onto a new 600, or maybe a 1000. I'm after a sports bike, not a naked, or a tourer, or even a sports tourer.

    So, is there any tall riders out there on sports bikes?? If so, what do you ride, and how to you find it?? Have you had to do any modifications, to make it more comfy, if so, please list.


  2. While I haven't ridden one, the 2007 Honda CBR1000RR was surprisingly comfortable for my lanky 193cm frame. I wasn't in the market for an RR, tho'.
  3. The new 2008 CBR1000RR fitted my 197cm frame.

    B-King doesn't.

    BMW K1200S and K1200R fit me like a glove.
  4. im still on my P's and 180cm tall but ive heard that the daytona 675 is a bit on the bigger size for the average joe.

    try one out :wink:

    theyre meant to have good torque too :LOL:
  5. I'm a bit taller and considerably heavier than you. In recent years the Gixxers have been a little more on the roomy side but there's not a lot in it.
  6. In case you are looking at used bikes, the Kawasaki ZX-12 has been called a sportsbike for tall blokes. It is not strictly a sportsbike, but it's not really a sports tourer either.

    Otherwise, the Aprilia RSV1000R is good for tall riders too.
  7. Tall... Twisties... Track Day... Occasional ride to work...

    motard Sorry I know you dont want a naked, or a tourer or a sports tourer... but its none of those and more fun
  8. I'm 6ft 2 and i'm on a hyosung gt650r. My bro is 6ft 5 and he's on a GSXR1000.

    I think the kawasaki's are also a pretty friendly bike for us tall ppls.
  9. Dave,
    Yup,Motard...I'm 195cm,& twenty years ago I road raced a modded CR500 & a RM250 for a while...yup, go a motard :twisted:
  10. dam you motard riders. i've been eyeing them off lately!

    i want a sports bike... i want a sports bike... i wand a sports bike...

    i'll keep telling myself this, adopt a tunnel vision approch when i walk into the bike shop, make a bee line to the GSXR-600, and buy it without looking at motards!

    thanks for all the suggestions people! i've pretty much settled on a run out k7 gsxr 600. they dont feel all that small, and the rider position is pretty good! more so than the triumph 675 dayt and the ducati 749 i've been riding lately!
  11. You do know that the brand new '08 GSXR600's are selling for around $12500+ORC?

    The run-out '07 600's would want to around ~$11000 + ORC, given how much better the '08 is meant to be in the motor.

    BTW - we only live about 5mins from each other...
  12. Aprilia RSV mille or the newer version RSVR. Aprilias are made for big blokes and are really roomy. It'll cost you more than a japper but you get a lot of bike for the money.
  13. k1-k3 gixxers are pretty big things physically. Later model gixxers jsut got smaller. There pretty fat too.
    Maybe try a late model r1/r6 like 03+
  14. yeah i only saw the new 08's for $12500+ORC about an hour ago! will be making some phone calls thisarvo that's for sure! if i got an 07 i wouldnt want to pay more than 11+orc that's for sure!

    unfortunately the aprilia's are way out of my price range, unless i go 2nd hand.

    FLUX, i'm in langy a fair bit. how tall are you anyway? and how do you find the triumph??
  15. Come to the dark side....

    Only half the price!!! - not to even mention the savings on insurance. 1/3 at least!
  16. Show me where I can pick up a brand new KTM 690SM for $7000 on the road, and I'll buy one tomorrow. Failing that, a brand new Aprilia SXV5.5 for $7500 on-the-road even, and I'll put the money down on that this afternoon.
  17. Shorter than you. Am 182cm here.

    If I were 10-15cm taller, it wouldn't be a problem. The 675 is plenty roomy, if only 'cos there's so little of it width wise. I can push right back in the seat to an uncomfortable distance from the bars, so you'd have to be gigantic to be cramped on a 675.

    At your height, the Aero screen option (higher windscreen) would be a must. The stock screen only suits people shorter than 165cm.

    For you or I, the ergonomics on the 675 are just fine. I find that the only people that whine about it are the shorter peeps.

    Oh, and with long lanky legs like yourself, you won't be dragging the knee at 20 degrees lean like you would on a shorter Jap supersport. A mate of mine who's about 192cm rides a 675 and even he reckons it's a long way down to get the knee on the deck.
  18. Exactly. The ktms/huskys/sxv's are roughly the price of a supersports 600
  19. ok ok,

    Fair point. Wasnt really thinkin new new and again referring to a "real motard" ie short stroke and true its not half the price...

    But then again drop sports and drop a tard and look at the the costs again?

    So overall once you compare (Used maybe an 03-06)...

    Buy price
    Stamps and Transfer
    and so on... I think the savings still around -30 to 40%
    :oops: - for the exageration.
  20. Ok, you've piqued my interest here. What exactly qualifies something to be "a real motard".

    To my limited perception, the main qualifying characteristics seems to be:

    *) Less than 150kgs wet
    *) Single cylinder or V-twin (ie. narrow like a single cyl)
    *) Long travel front suspension
    *) Naked
    *) Dirt-bike bars (high and flat) and an upright seating position

    Care to correct/elaborate?

    As an example, and this is my quandary, what exactly would stop a Street Triple 675 qualifying as "motard-like", assuming the heavy cans were ripped off and replaced with something light bringing the overall bike weight right down, and the gearing was modified such that it topped out at just 180kph but punches off the line and capable of wheelying in the first three gears under power alone.