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Tall newbie based in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by edstar5, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    just got my learners and am keen to get myself some wheels. Have been doing a little bit of research, trying to figure out what steed would best suit my height (6'7").

    Have tried out two bikes already - VTR250 and CB400. Liked the low revs of the VTR, found the CB quite heavy. I couldn't find a good sitting position on either bikes.

    Hoping to test ride the KLR650 and 650 GS Beamer (although well and truly out of my price range!). Have been trying to track down a Versys without much luck.

    I've been recommended the SV650 but feel from the reading I have done that it will place me into a sporty posture - not the best for commuting/touring as I hope to use the bike for (primary mode of transport).

    Keen to hear what you all think.


  2. I'm 6'4, ride an ER6N (my avatar pic!). I find it really really comfortable, it's a very relaxed posture and the power (especially torque) delivery is strong but not disconcerting and is very easy to use. It also comes in a faired version called the Ninja 650 which is identical except for the fairings. I wouldn't have any trouble recommending them.

    The Yamaha FZ6R has a more open position than the ER6N/Ninja 650, and has a shim under the seat that allows an extra bit of height between seat and pegs. It's pretty good for tall riders too.

    Some people may recommend the Versys (sort of a adventure tourer based on the Ninja 650), but thats only extra STANDING height with feet on the ground. The difference between the seat and pegs is the same as the ER6/Ninja650.
  3. Yeah the SV650 is a tucked up sporty riding position. The Hyosungs are large bikes, as is the Kawasaki Versys650 and the KLR650, the Aprillia Pegaso 650, the BMW GS650, DR650. At 6'3" I found my Suzuki GSX650F to be comfortable.
  4. You've got a few inches on me (in height at least :D ), I had the ER-6n as a first bike and I found it livable. Certainly not spacious but pretty close to as good as your going to get in road going learner bikes.
  5. Best bike for a new vertically enhanced rider would a some kind of motard imo.
    They're light, handle well, have plenty of torque down low in the rev range which is great for new riders. And most importantly, a healthy reach from the seat to the pegs. ;)
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  6. I've wondered about motards, I can see the appeal. I've been told the seats are pretty much dirt bikes seats and are uncomfortable for commuting? Is this true?
  7. Depends on the size of you arse I guess? :D

    Seriously though, a focussed track supermotard should have an uncomfortable thin seat, and they are not 'new rider' suitable imo. But there are some really good 'street tards' out there in the market for a learner rider that do offer better comfort. Suzuki and Yamaha do one.
  8. Nothing an air hawk seat pad won't fix & it'll raise the seat up a couple of inches.
  9. welcome to NR!! take a walk down elizabeth street in the cbd and park your arse as many bikes that take your fancy, ask all the questions about the bike. then ask here for second opinions, we arent 'selling' ultimately the bike must suit YOUR needs, we can only help with 'maybe you should look at this n that' comments and people that actually have owned bikes can give their opinion.. Good luck with your search.
  10. Nakeds/motards/dual sports are definitely the go for beginners and make great daily hacks also. most are E-start now days too and cheap. Forgiving, minimal damage if dropped, big bars make for comfortable position, sitting up means good view in traffic. about the seats, most are good but KTM are notoriously narrow and hard (Except Duke and SuperDuke but i'm biased) but I would steer away from them anyway for that purpose.
    test ride, test ride, test ride.
    best options:
    and many more, I just cant think
    oh and so good for wheel stands...
  11. +1 Motard...

    can't see how a dirt bike seat is uncomfortable though.... much more comfy than a sport bike, thats for sure...

    Alternatively get a bigger displacement bike... sx650 etc.... the little displacement bikes seem to be geared towards little riders....
  12. Thanks for the responses everyone! Great to get some feedback to help me in my search for a tall-man bike.

    Keen to try both the Verseys and the ER6N, but am finding it hard to get demo's to test ride from the dealers (Peter Stevens). And there are very little Verseys available through private sales...

    Good point Naked6 about the height between pegs and seat vs overall height. Will look out for that.

    Hoping to test ride a KLR650 by the end of the week. Unfortunately haven't been able to track down a Verseys to test ride yet...

    Not too keen on the motards. Kinda searching for something in between a motard and road bike as I'll be sticking to the roads, will be on the freeway and through the city quite a bit.

    If anyone knows of good dealers around Melbourne who are willing to let me demo a range of their bikes please shoot suggestions my way!

    Thanks in advance!
  13. That's tall....

    Anyways..welcome to NR... :)