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tall new rider needs advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by matt_sa, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Hi guys and gals,

    I have my learners lessons in a month and a bit. Ive gone looking for bikes and need a bit of advice.

    Whilst chatting to various places i got the impression my high of 6ft 5 was a issue with what bike to get for my l's in SA.

    i have never been on a mbike at all and its going to just be a bit of fun on the weekend to satisfy my curiosity. Ive been driving for 11 years and own a xr6 ute, so have no drama's being on the road in a car.

    i originaly was keen on a sports bike but the advice was not having the majority of my weight on the front wheel and me looking ridiculous on a 250 may not be the best.

    yamaha adviced getting a road trial bike xt250
    honda advised a cb400

    sitting on the honda it felt very heavy, on the trail bike it felt very strange with the suspension (im sure both would feel fine after a while)

    im in no rush and would just like a hand, i have read the forumns here people saying get a POS others dont.

    I've got a feeling im going to want a sporty bike in the end (mainly cause they look awesome).

    anyways tall buggers out there would love to hear opionion's.
    Thanks in advance

  2. The only advice is to go and sit on different bikes and try them out. You may need to have the position of the pegs and foot controls moved to get the best comfort for someone your height but that can be done by a competent machine shop.

    HERE is the list of Learner Approved Motorcycles for South Australia,? I assume that's where you are???
  3. Ignore weight. Pick whatever fits you well. The CB400 is a nice bike but I'm 6'2" and found it cramped. I think it's designed for midgets. The Suzuki GSX650FU and the GS500 are more reasonable for people our height.
  4. You haven't said what your budget is so it is a bit hard to advise.

    I am 6'2 and I now prefer the adventure style bikes which are taller and more roomy now than a sportsbike. As you are looking at LAMs bikes this means one of the 600 single cylinder dual sports- KLR650, DR650, BMW F650GS, XT600/XT660. You could also try the XR400 or DRZ400 motards or the DRZ400E trail bike.

    These are plenty fast enough to lose your license (as much as a 250 anyway) and you can drop them and maybe cost you $20 for a new lever. They are also fairly cheap to maintain. I wouldn't bother with a sportsbike for your Ls as they are not really that much faster and you might as well wait to get your fulls and get a proper sportsbike then. Lets face it your xr6 will probably be faster than you on a CBR250 whilst you are learning. If you want to go fast drive the car.

    Out of that lot for a new bike the KLR or the DR is the best buy in terms of value, for $8K or $7.5K new you get a lot of bike and they hold their value fairly well as they are capable machines for what they are designed for. A lot of full licensed riders ride them as well so when you go to sell them you have a lot bigger market to sell to than say a GS500, CB400 etc.

    If I was getting my license now and I was restricted to a LAMs bike I would get a second hand DR650 that came with motard wheels and dirt wheels and a pipe and maybe a big tank. That would be good to burn around the city on my commute and be able to take off camping on in the bush with. Light enough to throw around, big enough not to be cramped and crash well and be fairly cheap to buy and run.

    Having said that I have owned 2 XT250's and have loved those bikes (including one when I had my full license). They are just not worth the $7K or whatever Yammy wants for them when you can get a DR for about the same price. If you picked up a XT250 POS for $2-3K that might be different though. The CB400 I haven't ridden but $10-11K for that bike seems silly, though the owners seem to like them (but they may not have experienced many bikes).
  5. Well why not bump my thread, i swear picking a mbike is the hardest thing i have ever done.

    so far the Kawasaki Ninja 650RL is at the top of the list. Its felt the most comfortable and looks shit hot. The Yamaha guy told me not to get a bike with my weight on the wrists (cause i have never been on a bike and be safer learning with my weight back a bit), but it just felt comfy and looks shit hot. Bit worried being a novice it may be too powered but ill just need to grow some balls.

    Doesn't hurt it can be unrestricted later so i don't need another bike later.

    got my test in 2 weeks so going to Susuki dealer this Sat to see what they got.

    The HARDEST bit about choosing what bike i want is i know i should get 2nd hand (never ownd a new car). But i just feel i don't know what i'm buying and want my first bike to be 100% for a few extra grand safety comes first.

    I guess thats why so many threads 'what bike should i get', ahhh im sure ill change my mind by next week. More sleepless nights.
  6. Compare the ZX-6R (non-lams supersport) to a 650RL (lams sport). Note the height of the handlebars compared to the seat.

    I don't know about the ergonomics of the Ninja 650RL, but I know that for someone tall (I'm 6'2") all bikes feel a little bit cramped. You will need to have the foot controls moved somewhat to feel comfortable. You might even need to get handlebar risers installed. You're just going to have to see.

    FWIW, if the Ninja 650RL was around when I had gotten the GSX650FU, I would have bought the Ninja. Its a good bike.