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Tall learner needs your opinion!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rusti, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,
    I got recommended this site from a friend and it looks like Ill be making myself at home here when I get my bike, which is the issue...

    I am 2m tall and weigh 85kg. I have never ridden before. From my research so far I am thinking a hybrid is my best option as I am more than likely to drop/crash in the early days so dont want to scratch anything. My mate ordered a 250 Ninja for $8k and he is clumsier than me, cant wait for the sob story.

    What can you suggest that can be ridden off and on road (mainly on) and can fit my long lanky legs. I am looking to spend around $3k
  2. I'm same height and build and I did my time on a TTR250. Would have loved a DR650 at the time. Well worth a look. They are bigger and heavier than a TTR and should be a little more stable at speed on the freeways.
  3. Thanks, the Suzuki DR650 looks like a solid ride. Will definately check it out.
  4. I am 6 foot and mine was a fraction tall for me but I put road tyres and a sheepskin seat cover and a Ventura rack and bag on mine and it was the perfect commuter and trail and road tourer until a P Plater took me and my left leg out on the way to work one day.

    It is a bullet proof bike with sh*tloads of power and an electric start.
  5. Sorry mate you are too tall to ride a motorbike. :grin:

    DR looks the goods for the high and mighty man! I rode a naked 250 and I am 6'2" and it fitted fine.
  6. im probly gonna cop it from the other riders but the HYSONG GT250 is a good sized bike for tall people like ur self, its built on a 600 frame so its a bigger 250.

    have a sit on one and see wat u think.
  7. :roll: theres a naked version as well if u like that style. :)
  8. i have a royal enfield fits me fine....195cm....friend has a kawasaki kle 500 perfect for on and off road check it out...perfect for big riders.
  9. i have the hyosung 250, im 6"4' the bike is probably a tiny bit too small, but not too much.

    for 3k? mmm might want to up the spending money a bit, getting bike, insurance, gear ect costs ALOT more than you think.
  10. That Suzuki GS500 looks pretty sweet, still I'm looking more toward a dirt bike that can be ridden on the road.

    Now I'm torn between the DR650 or the Kawasaki KLE500.

    I have been checking bikesales. com.au for prices and availability. Any other recommended bike sale sites?
    Fraser Motorcycles is opening its new massive shop just down the road from me, in Concord Sydney, mid-Nov 2008. Should I go through a yard or buy private?
  11. My mate who I mentioned in the first post has already dropped his new Ninja, twice. He doesnt have his license yet, just been riding it up and down the driveway.
    Broken off both blinkers and cracked the flaring enough that the repair will be as much or more than the bike ($8k). Lol.

    Im still hunting for my bike on eBay, bikesales and tradingpost.
  12. ](*,) ](*,)
  13. Not sure about the DR, but the KLE 07 model is the last of the KLE's (from what I've been told anyway)

    Got mine new for about 8k. Other minor thing, belly plate comes as standard on the KLE, but you might be able to swing the salesman to chuck one in for the DR. I commute to work and cracked the big 10 000km's a few weeks ago.
  14. Don't know if you're still interested, and if you only want a dirt/street,but I'll weigh in. I'm 1.9m/86kg,got L's back in Feb, bought a GS500F. Great starter bike, simple,easy to ride, enuf power to have fun on, great brakes, lots out there. I'm a VERY mature age rider coming back after a LOOOOOONG layoff, rode lots in the old days but I was very nervous about starting out again. The Suzi was the perfect bike to start back on, I loved it! The first time I rode it I thought " I'll just ride around the block once - IF I make it!" but it felt so good I just kept on going, came back 2 hours later!!. The upright riding posture feels comfortable and confidence inspiring for a new rider. Moving the bike around in parking situations is very easy for someone my(and your)size, I have to do a 5/6/7 point turn in my 3.6m wide driveway to set up for reversing into my garage (which is full of stuff and I only have a narrow slot to fit in), involving pushing the bike back uphill several times, and it was a snap. I passed my licence test with a perfect score, stopped BEFORE I even GOT to the white lines ( doing 25.1kph) on the braking test! I rode the bike a lot around the back blocks of Sydney's north west - Kellyville/Windsor/Maroota, all 80kph zones, average 120km rides, and enjoyed every minute. I've since sold the Suzi and upgraded to a ZZR1100 and, while that is a HUGE step up in terms of power, the experience I had with that wonderful GS gave me the confidence to do it. Highly recommended. Hope this helps. Good luck with whatever you decide to do and happy riding. Cheers.