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tall, lanky guy seeks advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by doop, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. hi all this is somewhat a what should i get thread but i wonder if any of you have had the same problem. im 6ft 2 and find that most bikes just dont fit!
    a daddy long legs spider stuck on a lollypop is what ive heard this problem described as. are there any tall guys out there? are there certain bikes that do the job for you better than others? personally ive found the R1 to be the best fit especially for leg room but i would prefer to ride a 600, 750 sized bike. any help would b appreciated.

  2. hey there, I'm 6'2 same as you. I have found the cruisers to be the only bikes I feel comfy on, give em a try. other option is road/trail or tourer.
  3. Most sports bikes will pose a similar problem due to the 'centralising mass' design philosophy including the rider. You'll have your footpegs up higher than a naked bike, and perhaps be leaning forward more than is comfortable for you.

    Why not have a look at the Yamaha FZ-6 or one of the new nakeds?
  4. I'm 6'4 myself..

    The Daytona 675 seemed relatively comfortable for a sportsbike...

    Naked versions of sportsbikes seem a much better option than sportsbikes, generally - My lil' VTR250, the Ducati Monster, the Hornets, other naked sportsbikes. They're more upright, slightly lower pegs, slightly raised bars, and more forgiving fueltank cutouts.

    Sports tourers like the VFR800 tend to be a bit taller and more upright than out-and-out sportsbikes too. VFR800's a definite consideration for when I'm allowed a bigger bike.

    Adventure tourers like the BMW GS1200, BMW Dakar 650, and Triumph Tiger 955i are fantastic for us taller types because people shorter than 6'1 often struggle to even stand flat-footed over those bikes - payback time.. ;) Not sure if that's your sort of bike though.
  5. I'm 6' 1 and I ride an NSR 150, possibly the tiniest thing you could call a bike before you start classifying it as a scooter.

    I don't find it too uncomfortable at all. After about 3 hours in the saddle though, it becomes a different story.
  6. What would be the 'optimum' height for most sportbikes?
  7. Ahhh- I'm 5'5- the lower the better :LOL:
  8. Think about how tall your average japanese man is - that's your optimum height. :LOL:
  9. I'm 6 foot nothing, and can fit easily on almost anything. In fact the only bikes I've tried that utterly don't fit are Italian...

    I suspect it isn't height that's the problem but your flexibility and which ride position you like most.

    Consider the naked streetfighters- most of the power and fun of the R1 and it's kind, but more room and you don't have the embarrassment of riding a cruiser.
  10. Faired-sportsbike wise, my biggest problem tended to be fueltank cutouts being aimed far too low for my knee/thigh height, and in the worst case my knees pressing into the edges of the fairings themselves (ouch).

    Otherwise, yeah, as you say. Flexibility and preferred ride posture.