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Talking to an old lady today... About filtering

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Flylo, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. Today I had an interesting conversation with a woman, in regards to filtering through traffic.
    The woman, who is in her sixties and drives a late model Merc, said to me that she thinks that motorbikes shouldn't filter, and she would like to see a motorbike filter, then "have an accident"!
    There were other comments, but another was she didn't like it (filtering) because, "Unless I have the radio off I can't hear them, and it scares me" (when a bike goes past her).
    As I said there were more, but I started to get a bit vocal when she mentioned "have an accident", so I had to bite my tongue, and walk away.
    She came across as a nice person, but obviously her skills on the road don't exist, and she/us would be better off if she was off the road.

    This is the type of mentality we are dealing with people... they are everywhere.
  2. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    It's probably the same old bird whose mirror i hit filtering today (in my squid gear - take that, society)
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  3. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    I've actually mentioned this as one of the reasons I don't typically filter only to be shouted down, which I expect will happen now as well.

    Personally, I hate it when I'm waiting at a light with the window down enjoying some music and minding my own business when BAM!!!! some bloody cruiser is suddently a few centimeters away from me with pipes loud enough to blow the car off the road. It does startle me and I don't like it.

    People don't like to be scared. This women is telling you that something we are doing scares her. Sounds totally legit to me and I'm not sure why you wouldn't have some empathy for her. You may not share her feelings but that's no reason to discount them.

    As for the 'have an accident' comment, well that's just a stupid reaction and I'd politely challenge that statement in the same situation.
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  4. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    i'm more scared of her than she is of me.
  5. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    I saw some knob do that just before christmas. I was filtering behind him and he clean hit someones mirror in a big way and kept riding. Total dick. NO wonder people hate bikes filtering.
  6. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    I'd have to agree with dazzabee here. I think we forget that filtering is unexpected & because of it's unusual-ness (???), people tend to panic, or worse yet get pissed off (like as in que-jumping pissed off!). It's like when ambulances approach. Everyone knows that you should move to the left, but you still get the dead heads that sit frozen unsure of where to go!

    I saw 2 bike's together today weaving/splitting in moving traffic. Now they were obviously very competent & good at what they were doing, but I just can't bring myself to put my trust & faith in other drivers to remain static whilst I'd be doing this. You only need one person to panic & accellerate, weave or lose momentary control of their vehicle to wipe you out.
  7. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    not if you do it fast enough
  8. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    oh and fwiw, i would have smiled poilitely, listened attentively,
    then go outside and urinate all over her merc
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  9. #9 Dougz, Jan 4, 2012
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    For goodness sakes! Filtering is not an unexpected thing if you're paying attention to your surroundings while in your car. If a bike coming past while you're sitting at the lights in your mobile lounge room 'scares you' then you have no place on the road. Catch a bus.
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    Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    Amen! And further more...if they think that's what our lives are worth, then we may as well ride without consideration for them. You should have ask her if she'd like other road users to think that way toward HER kids... Oh!...wait a minute...that would require some sort of intimate contact. Who in his right mind would want THAT, on their list of things I should never have done!!??
    Fekking hag!. You should have let have it - both barrels!
  11. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    Filtering the other day and I see a guy in front looking at his side mirrors and try to block me then had his hands out the window at what I think was "go away"...............lol, I so wanted to give him a high five just then and there to piss him off :p.........might not have been a good idea with road rage and all...............
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  12. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    Most of my filtering/splitting is done in peak-hour traffic and you'd hope that most people have their mind on the game at that time of day. Yes, you do come across the occasional daydreamer that appears startled as you pass and the odd dick-wad that takes the vigilante approach but it appears that most expect it. I like the ones who actually see you coming and give you extra room. At the opposite end of the spectrum, I laugh at the fools who try to burn you off from the lights after I filter up in their Hyundi shopping trolley where the only mods in their arsenal is a fat/noisy exhaust extension and the driver's seat reclined at a 45° angle.

    The "accident" comment was totally uncalled for and I'd hope that there aren't people out there who really think this way!
  13. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    I've made my feelings known often enough on filtering/splitting or whatever PC term we now use. Some do (me) some don't (you).

    But it's the comment about being startled that concerned me.. especially as it comes from a fellow rider.

    You're in your cage, stopped at traffic lights and you aren't scanning for riders.. we can't always expect drivers to see/hear us, but I would have expected better from a fellow rider than a comment like "it startled me"

    and unless Canberra is a little differnt to the rest of Oz, it ain't just cruisers that have loud pipes...
  14. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    What an ill informed load of dog's bollocks this post is.
    I take it from your ignorance you do not filter?

    and PLEASE all you ignorant idiots, FILTERING is done when traffic is at a standstill and
    SPLlTTING is when doing it through moving traffic.
    DO NOT CONFUSE THE 2 as it highlights your ignorance about these matters
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    Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    Exactly my thoughts, it's frightening that people think it's ok to switch off behind the wheel.
  16. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    Come on Smee, did you get that from your Funk and Wagnells or just make it up 8-[
  17. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    I just made it up :p
  18. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    In that case you haven't been paying attention and the sooner you hand in your licence the safer everyone else on the road will be!
  19. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    Mmm... We appear to have a few cagers who just happen to also ride bikes.

    I never thought it possible to be a rider, but STILL with a cager brain.
    Some kind random anomaly I suppose. To be avoided at all costs.
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  20. Re: Talking to an old lady today...

    Ditto what Tony said. These are the sheep that need herding off the roads.

    On the money Smee. There is no emperical evidence anywhere to show that filtering is a problem. There needs to be an absolutely clear understanding about what it is riders advocate for.

    Just adding to the example puddle, just after those dreadful TAC commercials appeared in 2009 I had a driver in a HiLux Ute purposefully attempt to hit me on my bike with his vehicle when I was positioning myself to a safe spot at the Hoddle Street exit of the Eastern. He then shouted abuse at me through his window. Come a change in lights I decided stopping to edumacate him was too risky so he got away with it, that time. Reminds me of a similar lady who, encouraged by her boyfriend seated next to her, tried to intimidate me, again on the Eastern with her Black Mazda MX3. When I stopped, kickstand down to have a civil chat with her about it, she backed up and took off in a cloud of burnt tyres.

    I don't know why I'd have that affect on people but I believe that perhaps if you look the meanest, loudest, take no poop (or prisoners) sort of character on the bike, perhaps it works very well to keep the moronic drivers away from you. Maybe the 1%ers have something there.

    I wonder if we should campaign to insist that dayglo will only make us targets and that we should all in fact be made to look like pirates. Arrrr...
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