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VIC Talk to me about avoiding a bike defect notice

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ptb, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Reading threads on here and other bike forums, some modifications dont appear to be looked favourably upon by the popo.

    I see people getting in the shit for fender eliminators and not using the ugly rego label holders.

    Loud exhausts? I've read a lot less about being pulled over for one. Integrated stop light/indicator units?

    Anything else?

    Were you doing anything else wrong to have the police pull you over in the first place, then they go over your bike or was it a random inspection?
  2. Never been stopped by the police for anything other than a RBT, and don't think I've ever owned a vehicle which would have stood up to close scrutiny on a random inspection.

    I belive the secret is not acting like a complete cock in public areas (save it for quiet, remote areas where noone can see you).
  3. and avoid living in Victoria
  4. If it's a planned operation, then everyone gets pulled over and checked for every little thing.
    Random day to day operations, depends on what you've done, how obvious the mods and attitude (theirs and yours).
    Check out the ADRs for bikes if you are worried about changes to lights and fenders.
  5. Simply ensure your bike complies with Two and Three Wheeled Australian Design Rules.

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  6. Don't do shit to your bike that even the dimmest PC can see is obviously non-compliant with the regs.

    Blind Freddy can see that your fender eliminator doesn't meet the 45 degree requirement and Deaf Betty doesn't need a noise meter if the concussion from your open pipes is causing her breathing difficulties.

    You might not like the various vehicle standards regs that are in force. I don't either. But they are what they are and if you want to make yourself cop bait by blatantly contravening them, that's up to you. I won't stop you but I won't listen particularly attentively when you complain when you get nailed either. If it makes you feel any better, I won't whine to you when I get done for the same shit, OK?
  7. I think a lot of it is the combination of sports bikes and acting like an arsehole. I have been pulled over a fair few times on a standard bike, with multiple blatantly dodgy bits (no chain guard etc), but as long as I have been polite and couteous to the police I have had no problems whatsoever
  8. Seems like cars then. I'll enjoy the bike and if the ATO's roadside revenue department pulls me over for what I've done, whether I was misbehaving or not, I won't be bitching.