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Talk me out of a VTR250 before I buy one

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LineNoise, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Ok...I've got my money together, think I've found a nice matte black VTR even so...

    ...talk me out of it :p

    Basically looking for any other suggestions, 250s only obviously (and unfortunately), before I commit to the bike.

    Current idle thoughts are the Honda V25, Kawasaki VN250, Yamaha XVS250, Hyosung GT250R or GV250.

    Only requirements is it must be able to move a big bastard (195cm, 120kg) at 100 km/h without the pistons dribbling out the exhaust or my ear drums exploding and without killing someone who's still pretty new to this game (so that's no strokers...not that I'd fit on them anyway :LOL: )

    I've got $10k to spend but that's probably going to need to cover a new jacket and a pair of draggins as my old ones got pretty badly beat up when the CB250 decided it didn't enjoy life anymore.
  2. Just go the VTR250, you will never look back and the re-sale value is tops.
  3. if your that close to buying one you shouldn't beable to be talked out of that model (maybe that bike if it's in bad condition etc.) but not the model/bike it's self...... have oyu actually tried/ridden any other models/makes.

    I would say also have alook at the zzr, but you probably have. :wink:
  4. nar, get a bandit or a hornet. faster = more fun 8)

    i havn't actually tried on a VTR, but they look pretty small, and being based on the spada cant help that either :LOL:

    i see the draw of a twin in bigger bikes, but i dont get it with the smaller bikes, it just makes them slower for just about everything but the launch. if you REALLY want it, then thats fine, i hear they're great bikes. but personally, i reckon you cant go past the hornet or bandit (and to a lesser extent, the balius and zeal... they dont look as hot). quick, look shithot, and comfy for the bigger rider :D
  5. Yeah I'll be surprised if anything sways me but I find this is normally a pretty good tactic to stop me making silly decisions.

    That supercharged V25 over in the accessories forum looks interesting though :LOL: :p
  6. Depending on how you use the bike, wouldn't that make them ideal? - i.e. quicker off the line at the expense of top end speed - how often are you going to miss the 10 or 20 k (or whatever it is) that you are giving away to the inlines? By the time it happens, you are well into license losing territory anyway.

    The only bad word I have heard against the VTR (in amongst a whole load of good words for them) was the wind buffeting that a friend gets at 100kph - not really a surprise on a naked though.
  7. The only thing I can say in regards to not buying a VTR250. I'll call you COPYCAT! if you do? :D
  8. nar, its not the top speed i'm talking about, its the quickness of the bike. the bikes i've mentioned rev higher and produce more power up there. you get a little more length out of each gear ot a little more power, either way you end up faster :D

    i just think they're more exciting than the twins. i only rode a spada, but thats apparently quicker than the VTR anyways. have a shot on a few before you make a decision.
  9. Talk you out of the VTR? Okay.

    The sexy matte black finish on the tank scratches _really_ easily, or so I'm told.

    That's about all I can think of. They're bloody great bikes and I wish I had one.
  10. just make sure you budget getting a staintune on it :D
  11. or a megacycle :)
  12. You have taken the words right out of my mouth, Coconuts..... :wink:
    I can second this by saying that i owned a VTR250 (black/gold colour with pipe and oggies).
    I have ridden Bandit 250's and Hornet 250's and IMHO, i find the inline 250's more enjoyable than the 250 twin.
    If i had my time again, my first bike would've been the Hornet..... Gotta LOVE that 180 rear tyre on it! :twisted:
    The VTR will limit your skills over a shorter period of time.
    I wouldn't reccomend a twin under 600cc unless it's just a commuter.
    Just my 2 cents.... Flame me if you wish. :wink:
    Daz. :wink:
  13. I guess it depends on if you want to ride it hard. A four will possibly cost more to run, give you x% more acceleration. I like what I have, but I haven't ridden a four before. Really its not a life changing decision (we hope), your probably going to go for something larger next year anyways.
  14. Oh and i'm not small either...... :wink:
  15. What is your problem? :shock:

    You have your money, you have your signature saying you want a VTR250, and you are clearly procrastinating because you have no idea!

    If you can't decide and need others to make your decisions for you, stick with the POS CB250. Or, flip a coin - heads I buy the VTR, tails I don't. Or maybe you could pick a daisy and say: "I will get a VTR, I won't get a VTR, I will get a VTR, I won't get a VTR", etc, etc, etc, until you are left with just one little petal and let it make the decision for you if you can choose what breed of daisy you prefer!

    People, get a grip - maybe a heated one if you think you can handle it. Life is about making decisions, so make it and get on with it!
  16. Life is also better when you make the right decisions, the ones from the heart are the ones that hurt, I think this question is great and judging by the feedback the answer is positive.

    Don't you hate it when someone tells you after the event that you shouldn't have bought that bike etc. 8)
  17. Bought a '00 VTR250 as my first bike and it was great. I am 190cm and 110kg and it handled that no worries. On occasion, it would struggle a little to maintain 110 going up anything more than a shallow hill. Would get back to about 90-95 before leveling out. But around town it was outstanding. I agree with the suggestion of a staintune can - got that added and it sounded great.

    Was extremely sad to see it go when I got off my 250 restriction.
  18. OK its a total bias opinion due to who I work for but here it goes....

    Get your self down to the bike shop and buy yourself one. Nothing goes wrong with them there quick (for a 250) look cool and are rider friendly unlike some of the high reving bike on sale. Looking through the warranty system here there isn't too many warranty claims in the system for this model either. Another plus may be to get down to Peter Stevens and see whats on there floor stock. This time of year any bike with a 2005 compliance plate on it will be getting disounted to make way for 2006 stock.

    My 2 cents worth
  19. I had a VTR until recently and I loved it.

    The only critcisms have been:
    a. they aren't as fast as an I4
    b. they are a bit breezy going fast.

    I reckon:
    A. they are fast enough for a year until you trade up to a bigger bike
    B. the lack of fairing is good for many other reasons (like cheap insurance) and you don't need it if you hardly ever go fast (like in the city).

    Yep, just get the VTR.
  20. id take a look at the hyasung gt250r how ever it's spelt. i saw one at the shops the other day and thought it was a 600 by the size of it(at 120kg you dont want a lil looking bike as you will look stupid onit) :LOL: . it has the dual discs, up side down forks and the digital tacho(very usefull).. you should be able to grab a new one with your budget too.. thats my opinion anyway.. if your going to go naked wait till you want a 600+cc..
    Go the gt250r :) wish they were around when i was a learner/probation period
    tell what you get anyway man