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Talk about tough

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BLABBUS TOOLICUS, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Not only does my Sig get changed,
    all the cool people have had me put on ignore.

  2. are there cool people on netrider?
  3. Damn does this mean I'm not cool?
  4. If you aren't cool then by deduction you must be hot!
  5. Sure I'm flattered, maybe even a little curious. But the answer is no.
  6. Actually...you would be warm. Now if you were HOT, then someone has to be frozen.
  7. Yeah we know all that, but it's too complicated and would have spoiled the joke.
  8. My Grandson thinks Im cool, and I dont have you on ignore,
  9. So are ya hot? Got any pics????

    (Gratuatis post for Mcsenna ahaha)

    Shyt.. I can see your post Blabs.. that means I'm not in the cool kids corner either...

  10. Oh you.
  11. Plan b post deleted i think
  12. Ignorance is bliss
  13. ....who said that!!......8-[
  14. Your just jealous of my whole name change Blabbs :)
  15. Pffft,I've had three.
    All cooler than Porta thingy.
  16. Damn. If Blabbus has had a change of sig, does that mean I need to change mine to a different quote? Maybe an honoury portatoolite?

    Is there any truth behind the rumor that Grug was behind the meltdown. I'm sure that Lou can fix him...
  17. two people in the history of Netrider have posted real boobs.
    of which BLAB is one.
    i'd say that's pretty ****ing cool.

    ergo, to ignore BLAB , means no boobs for you

    now, would you really want to take that risk...

  18. If Blabbus is your only source of boobs, then let me introduce you to a little thing called the web. lol it's just over there ---->
  19. Classic.