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Talk about "sh*tting oneself !

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, May 10, 2006.

  1. Was riding home tonight enjoying mah tunes, and having a sly giggle at the cages as i drifted past them :twisted:

    When all of a sudden some big arsehole jumped on mah chest ! best way to describe it.. is as if someone had my heart and lungs in thier hands and was squezing the crap outa them.............

    I said to self .... "self this is no good, lane spliting/chest pain and after dark"
    if i pull over and collapse, no bugger will prob see me or worse, pinch the bike and leave me lying there ! or I fall of in between the traffic lines !

    So with a farking lot of intestinal fortitude i rode the remaining 5k and stopped out the front of Cassey Hospitals emergency ward ( as in the entrance)!
    Walked in side and told the nurse my symtoms, straight onto the "machine that goes PING "

    BP= 190/110 Pulse 115 ! next thing in being put onto a bed and hooked up to an ECG monitor and a IV set up "just in case"

    Half an hr later and on 100% oxygen things are settling down,
    another hr and all back to normal, stayed on hte machine for another hr just to make sure ( I might add NOTHING abnormal was showing up on the ecg ) I then was allowed to get up and go for a walk with the 'doc' to try and stimulate a reaction ??

    The only reaction was the laughter at me walking around the hosp in 'one of those gowns with my bike boots on !! oh my right nut for a camera :LOL:

    End result = allowed home under supervision ( if Nadeen asks me one more time how i feel im guna scream :LOL: )
    and a referal to my GP for follow up tests asap
    Was not a heart attack ! but it may be angina ? or colesterol or
    one of 1/2 a dozen other possables :shock:
    They were unwilling to keep me o/night seeing as all pain etc had gone.

    So besides scaring the crap outa me, it seems im destined to be around for some time to come :p

  2. Jeezus bob and l thought l was sick :shock:

    Hope its nothing to bad, but good thing taking yourself to the hospital..good boy :wink:
  3. Glad you are ok. :)

    Not enough sex causes funny things in all of us Bob. :grin:
  4. Hell, Bob - now I feel guilty about posting that pic of the Aprilia. That thing'd be enough to make anyone keel over!

    Take care of yourself, ok?
  5. VTR BOB

    Mate it doesnt take much, and at your young age you should be ultra careful. my old man was as fit as a malley bull then fell over for no reason, now 3 tripple bypasses and 6 stents with more on monday comming he is lucky to be alive. You did the right thing heading to the emergency. tho it is your organ of life it is also your organ of death.

    Keep a check on it bloke and stay healthy :wink: :wink:
  6. I get that. First few times I was off to the hospital. Seems I have asthma. Get that checked.
  7. There seems to be getting a lot of that going around I think, it isnt good... I get something like that at least once a week. Had the ECG and all that stuff... But it doesnt last long usually only a minute or so...

    I think they can think there is nothing wrong with me cause I am too young or something. Dunno... But it was a good idea to get it checked out, I did.
  8. u just wanted to see some hot nurses didnt u

    mmmmm hot nurses
  9. hmmm, that's a crazy story, you probably should have pulled over and called an ambulance if you were having serious chest pains but mehh you got there :)

    make sure you get the follow up, they may recommend you get an angiogram (scan of heart) i worked in the epworth catherter lab and they rock, if you've got a problem they can spot it in two shakes.

    anyway have fun getting babied :grin:
  10. In my early 40's I had a similiar experience , though I wasn't on a bike at the time. The ecg also showed nothing and the machines that go ping showed nothing also. 3 weeks later I had a heart attack . Dont take this stuff lightly Bob because any way you loook at it , its a warning. If you smoke - stop. If you eat crap ( read takeaway ) - stop. Get those tests done pronto , dont delay. Walk at least half an hour each day , thats a nice walk , dont get into heavy breathing walks. Dont eat parsley in particular. Diet and exercise is really important. Your doctors may well get you on some aspirin as well. As you say , it could be a number of things , but most of those things come down to Family history, Diet , Exercise, and smoking.
    Please keep us informed how you go. Will be worried now , so share.
  11. More Exercise = Time to increase the frequency of your horizontal mambo a little more. :wink:
  12. Well good news ........... I woke up this morning :grin: and Nadeen recons i must be getting better as i wanted to molest her :twisted:

    But im not allowed to go to work today, nurse Nugz says i have to take it easy and organise the follow up tests!

    I will say this though now i've had time to think on it, Im not sure who got the bigger scare me or Nugz and my daughter ?
    When i rang from the hospital I had to very carefully think through what and how i said where i was, bc both Nugz and Cassie thought........... Hosp = bike accident :?
    Then as much as Cassie was trying to be brave, I could see that Dad lying there with all the wires and on oxygen etc scared her more than she is willing to admit ( remember she lost her mum only 5 years ago )

    Anyway spose i'd better go make some phone calls hey :?
  13. I am not putting these three quotes together just for the hell of it.
    There is a mate at work who has had a bit of a chest infection, nothing major, just a bit of coughing. had one night where it got a bit nasty, so he got up and went to grab something for his throat, next thing, he is passed out on the floor, and being shoveled into the car for the trip to hospital.

    Up shot of it, he had an asthma attack that knocked him down, and was not allowed to walk so far as the train station to head into work for a week.

    So why do i add R1's quote... Because she was talking about the same sort of symptoms last night, and being told at the hospital, that several people had come ing with accute attacks...

    Bob... do you have a history of asthma?
    Could be something going around that is triggering it?
  14. I know you all mean well and thankyou for your thoughts, but it was not an asthma attack, it was 100% heart related my breathing and 02 rates were fine,the pain was centralised center chest and radiating outwards.
    But as i said my BP and Pulse where off the map so to speak. I had 3 nurses and the senior Doc working on me who kept getting 2nd oppions from his 2IC.
    They ruled out asthma in the 1st 5mins once my 02 levels where checked anywho:

    The 1st test im not looking forward too.......... the dreaded stress test :cry:
    to make my heart overload and see if we can get it to stop LOL
    I HATE those stairs :LOL:
  15. aw bob, hope it turns out to be something minor and you get back to chasing the milkmaids soon!
  16. Fark mate nobody needs that sort of scare. Here's hoping some sort of positive change comes out of it for you.
  17. dad didnt like his stress test either, took him 2 goes before he finished it :)

    but he does have a heart condition, so i gues its ok :)
  18. Not good news at all Bob :(

    Hope all your tests go well and it's nothing too serious...take it easy for a while eh...no more p plater revenge for you:)

    PS: We all know you would molest nadeeen anyway no matter how crook you were/are :grin:
  19. Hey K8.

    What's wrong with parsley?

    Never heard of that one before.

    I know if on pills for the pump must avoid grapefruit but parsley?

    Can you explain?

    Good luck Bob. Go fishing and relax. I'm going tomorrow.

    I was driving taxis about 30 yrs ago and I had a couple jump in and the bloke was grey etc so off to the hosp we went. i radioed ahead and they met us at the door.

    upshot was he was having a sever indigestion attack. Gave me a heart attack instead.