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Talk about over-reacting!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. I mean really, after 7 hours of questioning you would think the clowns could establish if this bloke was a threat :roll:

  2. seems a lil harsh...
  3. The UK making a mountain out of a molehill… shocking. In related news, sun to rise in east.
  4. I don't think so!!....

    There are always threats in europe, especially in the UK (talking as Pommie). You have to have fu*king rocks in your head to not take it seriously. Too many nutters doing dumb shit..... I'm glad they came down on him like a ton of bricks!! ... he's a complete knob!

    Maybe you would think the same if you have been waiting to get into a car while the police & bomb squad were searching under it. Brings it pretty close to home.
  5. Take it seriously, and deal with it accordingly. Investigate, determine he's not a threat, move the hell on.

  6. ..that's what they are doing.....
  7. Seven hours of interrogation and stealing all his shit, AND threatening him with overblown charges? I disagree. Sounds to me like they're a bunch of crybabies.
  8. I think he deserves all he gets... as I said, he's a complete knob. Any sane person in the current environment would not make a joke about bombing anywhere. I'm pleased that the process appears to work well!. Hopefully it will save innocent people getting blasted in future!.
  9. I think it's a vicious cycle, terrorism happens, police forced to deal with every threat, idiot makes a stupid tweet, cops go "bloody hell what a waste of resources" and have to take the time to deal with it. I think for the police it's catch 22, if they don't do anything, the headlines will be "man threatens to blow up airport and the police do nothing".
  10. ..or worse still.... "man blows up airport, hundreds killed or maimed... and Police knew"...
  11. I hear they want to arrest and question Ted Bullpit for wanting to blow things up.

    Seriously though -- the guy that did it is stupid

    BUT on the other hand how about the guy who was inflight was asked by guy in seat next to him to keep an eye on his cigarette packet while he went to the loo.

    He said something like "ok I just hope its not a bomb " --- was overheard by cabin staff and is now in gaol.
  12. Actually, a sane person will realize that the current environment IS a joke. Is there historical precedent for a joke "blasting" "innocent people" that would make it necessary to protect people from levity?

  13. Correction:

    "Governments try and force their will on other countries who cannot win a traditional war, so said countries' citizenry fight back in the ways they can. "Terrorism" happens, police blame ideology instead of seeing the real cause"
  14. One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter

  15. ..go back.. read original post from D1300.... you can only work with what you have!....

  16. ..go Che!!...
  17. Yup. I'm sure the Americans who fought the fogbreathers were viewed as "terrorists", too.

    Mind you, I don't condone attacks on civilians and such, but it's hard NOT to understand why they feel they need to turn to those tactics.
  18. Was he speeding?:-s
  19. No there was no trees and a speed camera was present - hence seven kittens live
  20. SOP for the British. Around 4 years ago, a uni classmate of mine got greedy and went to work in high risk areas. One of them was Afghanistan. He has darker skin, dark hair and for some reason decided to grow a beard. He went well ahead of the road construction with his foreman and armed guards to see what they're going to face / have to do to plan their work. The British forces rocked up and detained them. After something like 18 hours, they were released. The British forces would not believe his story that they were there to construct a road.

    We're being told that we can't talk shit anymore like we used to. The guy at the airport got in all sorts of trouble for quite obviously/blatantly talking shit. When it became painfully obvious to the police that is all that happened, he should have been sent on his way to go where he was going. Having his things stolen from him (and I presume they won't give them back) as well is rubbish.