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talk about looking out for yourself

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by emsie, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. I'm hoping the idjit scooter rider who was coming up the bike lane this morning outside the Nth Adelaide aquatic centre is on this forum.

    Had I been a multitude of other drivers on the road at any given time, I wouldn't have seen you coming up the bike lane and when I turned left, I would have taken you with me. Right about now, you'd be missing a whole lot of skin and a scooter.

    Do yourselves a favour people .. You're not a bicycle rider and coming up the bike lane at 60 odd k's an hour is a surefire way to get hurt.
  2. Mirrors. Use them.
  3. Brains. Use them
  4. Flame people Flame!!!

    Can't really stand on both sides here...

    I haven't gotten my rider's learner permit yet but I know that...
    Riding a bike is already something dangerous and being on the wrong path... you are pretty much asking for it... I mean, there must be a reason why the rider chose to take the bicycle lane, but on the riding book, I'm sure it clearly states that, motorcyclist should never be on a bicycle lane unless moving onto the path to park or turning into a street.

    Now being a driver myself, I still have to check my mirrors, I still have to do my head checks... and I'm sure each time I do it, I'll do a double check to make sure... can you the driver tell me you have done that?
    You can't blame much if you haven't done the right things yourself...

    I mean, if you did do a head check, you might just beep your horn for the next mile or so to get that anger out... but if you didn't and the motorcyclist hit you, then you'll be the one feeling guilty for not checking and the motorcyclist can't really blame you, as they are on the wrong path...

    It's a lose/lose situation... to save others, you first save yourself...
    No one watches your back out there on the road; you should watch your own.

  5. I did and that's why I knew he was there and why I didn't just blindly turn without checking. My problem with that rider is that if I had been one of the great number of drivers who are just plain stupid, I wouldn't have been checking my mirrors and the rider would've been smacked down by a car turning left.
  6. See, you just saved yourself from getting into an accident. :)
    And yes, there will be some idiot that wont look at the mirrors or do a head check... but just be grateful that you did it...

    And yes, piss off you maybe, but knowledge and experience is what you have... :p

    And yes, if there's one idiot on the road... there will be more out there. :LOL:
  7. said it before and I'll say it again. Riders who insist on using the bike lane (especially scooter riders from my personal experience) are a ticking timebomb cos luck won't always save them. :)

    Edit: added a smiley .. I'm not as ranty as I am coming across .. I just think that stupid is as stupid does, Forrest.
  8. My apologies, from your first post I gathered that you didn't see him.
  9. And on behalf of the sensible scooter riders :

    1. Scooters and motorbikes are using the bike lanes. Yes, it would be great if the legislation was amended to allow safe sharing (specially if the traffic is stationery), but for now it is illegal in Victoria. For the record, I don't use them.

    2. If I see bikes coming up behind me in my lane I tend to move left to allow them to pass unless (a) they have closed up at such a rate of knots that they weren't there at my last mirror check, or (b) it would place me in a blind spot or too close to a cage on the left.

    At least I hope this is sensible; educate me otherwise.

  10. I'm talking about being in a car, waiting at a set of lights to turn left (I was a few cars back in the queue) and a scooter came screaming up the bike lane to my left. Had I checked my mirrors any sooner, I wouldn't have seen him. Any later and it would've been too late.

    Like I said, it was in *my* experience that I see it with scooters - maybe it's the areas I drive in? I have no doubt that bikes are using it too, however not having seen it personally, I didn't want to mention it.

    As with you, if I'm in my car and someone is lane splitting on the right side and I *can* move for them, I will - not for them, but for my car. In the meantime it makes it easier for them, sure .. but I don't do it for them :)

    I know that there's at least 10 stupid riders on both scooters AND bikes for each sensible rider - that's a given. My post was a rant about the idiot who screamed up the bike lane and assumed s/he'd been seen by the car turning left :) It just shat me is all because it'd ruin everyone's day if the timing hadn't been what it was.
  11. Yeah Scooter was being a bit stupid by the sound of it.
    Here in Sydney a lot of riders shoot up the bicycle lane on the City-West Link, I do it too. However the trick is to get back into the lane before normal traffic crosses over the bike lane. To continue following it at the speeds we do would be suicide should a car decide to turn left into the openning lane.
  12. No, the trick is to not get caught as it is outright illegal! This is the sort of thing that pisses off the non-motorcycling public.
  13. The advantage of SA's laws is that you don't need a motorcycle license (or training) to ride a scooter...just your car license.

    That way the Rann government figures after a few summers all the scooter riders will have killed themselves and Zollo can outlaw bikes altogether. :twisted:
  14. The idiot would be the rider that got skittled, not the driver who didn't see the idiot.

    If you're in a car and see no bicycles in the lane you're not going expect some squid to come flying through the bicycle lane as you attempt to turn because it's illegal for them to do so.

    If you were involved in such an incident as a driver, you could just chalk it up as doing your bit for natural selection.

  15. Why would it make any difference if you were a bicycle rider going 60km/h up the bicycle lane, and a scooter rider doing the same speed?

    After all, bicycles are even harder to see, and don't make any engine noise, unlike a scooter. And bicycles can do 60km/h no problems. Shouldn't you be paying extra attention to the bicycle lane, as it's designated for vulnerable riders who don't make any sound?
  16. But why wouldn't you expect a bicycle to do the same? Would that be the bicyclist's fault? After all, they are supposed to be there.
  17. going up a hill, like I was at the time, it'd be rare for a cyclist to be going that fast and, as I already said, I *was* looking in my mirrors for things in the bike lane :) I *have* seen cyclists going that fast, however I've seen cyclists also be a lot more agile on their cycle such that if they *were* coming up doing 60, they'd have a much better chance. I absolutely agree that a cyclist would have been in the same position, but there's one fundamental difference - the cyclist is *allowed* to do it.

    Funny enough, I was just reading the road rules last night ( :shock: ) and it does say in there that any kind of motorised vehicle (motorised wheelchairs are considered pedestrians) aren't allowed in bicycle lanes. Bicycle lanes are intended for *bicycles* and you're only allowed to be anywhere in a bike lane as any other vehicle if you're turning (mmm nope), parking (where other rules don't disallow it), or avoiding an obstacle. And even then, from what I read, for about 50m are you allowed to be moving in it.

    So, fundamentally, the scooter rider was wrong and behaving with a fair amount of stupidity and is lucky I was looking in my mirrors to see what I needed to avoid in the bike lane :)
  18. Yes it is the bike's fault! You people need to get into the f%^&ing road rules. I am sick to death of reading posts from people with no f%^&ing idea what the road rules actually are and then questioning the reasoning of the people who do. It isn't good enough to just wander through your driving/riding life without knowing this shit because you will only find out the hard way when you have an accident and try to blame it on someone else out of ignorance when you were the one at fault. That is a shitty way to learn and you could end up killing someone.

    If a vehicle is indicating to turn left and the bicycle is approaching the vehicle from behind, the bicycle has to give way to that vehicle. If the bike goes straight past a left indicating vehicle and gets cleaned up it is the bike's fault. This does not mean that the car can scream up the road to deliberately get abeam or in front of the bike and then put the left indicator on and then slam on the brakes and make a turn. That is also illegal.
  19. +1

    This (along with no real answer on lanesplitting as edgelett said on another post) was really sh1tting me last night so I spent about an hour trawling through road rules :shock: It is illegal for a bicycle in the bicycle lane to NOT give way to a vehicle indicating to turn left.

    In cars and bikes, it is also illegal to overtake a vehicle on the right when they're indicating to turn right. And, here's one I bet you didn't know specific to cars and I suspect motorbikes, if you're being overtaken (specifically if someone has crossed to the other side of the road to do so), it's illegal for you to speed up - you have to allow the person to overtake you and to get back in safely.

  20. I don't understand this post, the motorbike shouldn't be going down the bicycle lane in the first place, scooter or not.