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Talk about double standards ! . i bet the guys here are....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, May 2, 2007.

  1. . . . wishing where she was when they were 15 !! :LOL:

    Anyway, in all seriousness, I bet if it was reversed a guy would have got 3years in jail !!

  2. Betcha he's been walking around with a smile a mile wide since then though... :cool:

    Li'l champion... :LOL:
  3. haha....so true.

    Seriously though, never take what you read in the paper/hear on the radio/see on tv to heart. ( :LOL: I sound like my mum!)

    As a general rule some of the facts in the story are correct (if out of context), but they rarely represent more than about 10% of the material before the Court.

    Media outlets are, after all, only interested in making money. It can be pretty dangerous to form opinions based on this alone.
  4. Yes agree not only on double standards but also, lack of consistency.
    If this woman held a teaching postion, there would be media, education department & parents etc all over it.

    oh spoke to soon, media all ready over it, just mentioned on news break as I hit submit
  5. Diana Bennett, 30, of suburban Melton, pleaded guilty in the County Court today to one charge of sexual penetration of a child under 16.

    How does that work? :?

    Must be a pretty kinky 15 year old!
  6. Supplied beat me to it! That's exackerry the question that came to my mind....
  7. I think you'll find the definition of 'sexual penetration' for the purposes of the offence extends beyond what would normally be considered penetration.

    If I recall correctly, penetration of the offender by the child constitutes penetration of the child for the purposes of the offence. But I'm happy to be corrected if that's wrong.
  8. I hope that helps.
  9. Cool :) That's not a law i've ever needed to look into since i was one of those unfortunate guys who was at consenting age for my first :(

    I wonder if a women would ever try the defense "Penetration?!?! But i left my... toys at home!"
  10. Well...no. This has nothing to do with consistency. A position of trust (i.e. a school teacher) is deemed an aggravating factor is cases like this, and for obvious reasons.
  11. Yep that explains it. Change "of" to "with" in the title and it's sorted.
  12. Listen to you lot. If it was a young girl and an older male teacher you'd be calling for his head, calling him a pervert and a child molester.

    But, if it's a boy, it's like it's a huge joke.

    There was a really good example of how much boys can be affected by this too on ACA about 6 months ago.

    It's child molestation, pure and simple.
  14. yep!

    "dont worry, i bet the young fella loved it!"

    anyone who does this to a child should have their freedom removed from them.
  15. Well.. I wish i was molested by a girl when i was 15, i had to wait a few years later :(

  16. Man, my girlfriend called me a petafile the other day. I reply to her: that's a big word for an 8 year old...

    in all seriousness, whether male/female, its wrong. They shouldn't discriminate when it comes to this.
  17. the problem is that they do all the time.... female teachers get of scott free again and again, while men go to gaol.

    Our legal system is stuck in 1970's macho bs that really has no place in the world today.

    I know I wouldnt want to F*ck someone nigh on my mum's age now, and I wouldnt have wanted to when I was a teenage kid. It's not glamourous, it's just plain wrong.

    The fact that a 70 year old judge may want to root her is *NOT* a good excuse for child molestation.
  18. Yes by law, but if the girl had been 15yrs old also it would be OK? :? And if she had been only 18yrs old it would again be a crime! :?

    Until you KNOW all the facts surroundng the whole incident, you can't make a judgement. At 15yrs if I'd have had 1/2 a chance at 'gettin' a bit' I would have been on it like a fat kid on cake, and I'm guessing I'm not alone in that. In fact I'm pretty sure there would have been a couple of 30yr olds that I knew when I was 15 that I would have..........well, I just would have.
    There's every chance the boy has absolutely no problem with the whole thing and it is only the justice system and his parents that have taken it to this.

    Anyway, if he's from Melton, at 15yrs old, he's probably been having sex for the past 5yrs already! :p :LOL:
  19. keep your money. not long ago a male ****** got let off with a suspended sentence. the judge wished him well and commented on how respectable the accused is.

    there there

    i wish i was molested by my bone dr.

    i agree that under age poking, woman to teenage boy is molestation BUT, although it's not a good thing and causes damage, it's doesnt stand for the damage and message of a woman getting done, socially or physically.
  20. What was he thinking? Whats was wrong with the girls his own age?

    30? I still wouldnt sleep with someone THAT old! :p :bolt: