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Tales of a daily commute

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RussellDP, May 31, 2016.

  1. This moring has been the coldest morning I have ridden on so far. Mercury at zero. Not helped by the fact that I started two hours earlier to catch up on some stuff.

    I have taken to storing my gear inside the house to prevent it getting damp in the cold air, which was pleasant this morning getting geared up straight from a warm bed.

    Pushed the bike out from the carport to avoid waking people and headed off.

    No fog, and none inside the visor (soap coating) but very quickly built up condensation impairing vision.

    Noticed it seemed a little dark....great, headlight not working. To fix today.

    Didnt put the inner gloves in and suffered for it, but everything else seemed warm enough, apart from my neck as I didnt put the neck scarf on either. Mental note....dont do this again.

    Got to work ok, impaired vision and all. Another new experience.
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  2. Would've been a very crisp start indeed! Even a short commute will be a torture now, if you don't wrap up well. Summer is well and truly over, tomorrow is winter (n):coldfeet:

    My commute was awesome, in my car with heated seats, great music, clear vision, no condensation, no helmet hair either, for the whole 2.5km. Had to run from the car park to the entrance, geez it was cold :wideyed:
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  3. Haha I hear our town hit 0 this morning! My partner got in her car and sent me a picture of the 0 degree reading.
    I am interstate for Work Mon-Wed so I sent her back a picture of my hotel thermostat being 25 degrees, the Taxi from Hotel being 23 degrees, and finally the office being 23 degrees :p

    Going to have to do some after work shopping for a scarf if this keeps up for my Thursday/Friday commutes by bike!
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  4. what are you, a girl!.....no wait you are :D
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  5. 2° in the office when I got in this morning, once the girls came in it warmed up a bit.
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  6. A balmy 11 degrees on the ride in this morning on the bike, chill factor would have dropped it down a little bit, but it was warmer than it was yesterday morning.
  7. Indeed I am :smug: And that's relevant how?.....

    So Mr Tough Guy, are you implying that all girls are soft? Or it's just me?
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  8. I am backing away rom this possible conflict without making eye contact....hahaha
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  9. Well, you didn't put your foot in your mouth :lock::censored:(y) Eye contact will be nice :playful::coffee:
  10. Strained a muscle in my left hand yesterday (and no, I take short showers) so riding in this morning in about 6 degree weather still with summer gloves was seriously painful. Trying to pull the clutch in was not fun at all.
  11. Hahaha...just trying not to further inflame.
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  12. Nasty
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  13. Sorry I may be misunderstanding you, but did you just call yourself soft?:whistle::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    Oh no, I just realised she is into guns....I'll get my coat:nailbiting:
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  14. Quick GreydogGreydog, I need more popcorn, gunna watch this :peeking::peeking::woot::woot:
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  15. :hilarious::hilarious: Okay, you win (y)(y) Should've read my post again before replying :facepalm: That's what happens when you are a "bl00dy foreigner" :banghead: But you know what I meant, you cheeky bugger :devil:!!! These youngsters have absolutely NO RESPECT....

    I guess from now on I better let my handgun speak :sneaky:. I heard the NSW coastal climate is nice at this time of the year :whistle:
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  16. Pssst....dont make eye contact
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  17. well that makes two of us :p
    who are you calling a youngster anyway??:D
    welcome to come and visit anytime, we can do some riding :whistle::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:....(sorry, too much??)
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  18. She don't scare me (well maaaaybe a little...................yeah ok, a lot :nailbiting::nailbiting:)
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  20. At 8am this morning when I left for work it was 4c. Yesterday it was 2c. Tomorrow it will be something similar. When winter actually gets her, lets say July and early August I expect it to be below zero most mornings with fog a frost.

    The only thing that changes are the layers of clothing I wear and how badly my carbies ice up.
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