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Tales from the first month on the roads

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Cthulhu, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. just some top tips I have picked up on my first month on the bike.

    1. Even if a driver makes eye contact with you it doesn't mean he's seen you.

    2. bom.gov.au is your best friend

    and most importantly

    3. Never, ever ride behind a rubbish truck
  2. And never ever ever ride behind a truck full of cows, sheep or especially pigs (the four legged curly tailed kind).

    And especially not with an open face helmet.. DAMHIK :eek:
  4. Weatherzone.com.au

    I like the percentages, they also have 6 hourly forecasts for the next 24 hours that they are pretty good at revising as things change. (Like today, yesterday was a 40% chance of rain for today, now it's 60% :()

    And if you're really keen to tempt fate and test your wet weather gear, they have a real time lightning tracker too :p
  5. +1 to farm animal/rubbish trucks.
    The chook trucks smell so bad and you can smell them from 500m away.
    Filter quickly past them and breath again.
  6. There are trucks carrying livestock can get stuck in traffic on city road during peak hr traffic. livestock have a stink radius of about 100 meter.
  7. Hah, my first month, I learnt "wear waterproof gear when it rains" and "don't use front brake heavily around a downhill corner" ... hehe ;)
  8. Thanks for the tip I'll check it out and compare
  9. I guess the main thing i've learnt is how to ride defensively. I had no idea how much cars just ignored a motorbike's presence on the road.

    Also a bike light is an invitation for wildlife after dusk.
  10. There's a waste disposal outfit in Perth that specialises in fish and fish products. I used to end up behind their truck fairly regularly. Worst smell on the road :sick:.
  11. Haha, I got stuck behind a garbage truck once. The other lane was a bus lane with a bus running alongside the truck for a good 2 minutes or so until I managed to get past. I wasn't sure whether to leave my visor down [and have the smell accumulate] or up [and have fresh wafts of stink flow in].
  12. Worst thing is when the cows take a piss.. it just splashes out the side...:shock:
  13. i'd be more worried about what the pee washed off.....
  14. In my first month of riding, learnt that I had a sh&tload to learn and practice.....
  15. In my first month of riding I learnt that crashing is expensive and hurts.
  16. Yep. Valuable lesson that one, the trick I've found is not to crash.

    'corse I'm not big on following my own advice.
  17. I hate those damn weather sites.

    I went to one where it showed % of rain.
    One day it was mostly clear 10% of rain, go out on the freeway... starts bucketing down.

    few days later 90% chance of heavy showers, so i decide i cant be bothered and take the cage in peak hour and sit in traffic for 90 minutes: bright sunny day not a drop of rian all day.
  18. Haha, I've been pretty impressed by weatherzone, but it fluctuates dramatically right up to and even during the day of the forecast. But I figured that was just because the weather is crazy up here. I was driving home from Mackay and I drove through a curtain of what was the heaviest rain I've ever seen in my life. Without a word of a lie, it was no more than 50m of road being rained on, then it was all sunshine again.
  19. Dont trust the weather ct, we left for sydney with isolated showers forecast along our route, by the time we got to the outskirts we had been through light snow, hail, storms, 90kph winds, you bloody name it.
    Never EVER trust the weather, you never get warned of those freak storms like the 2010 melb flood or those winds just in syd :)

    After seeing sandra almost get taken out by a cager,
    * USE YOU HEAD NOT YOUR MIRRORS, especially on dual lane roads.
    * Stay focussed on your side of the road, especially around corners (road trains are distracting..)
    * Sunscreen on the face prevents a stupid looking burn on long rides.