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Tale of two suppliers - my rant

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by peter-reebok, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Been shopping for new gear.
    Off to the Himalayas next year - Dont want to take new gear - want to wear it in a bit first. Did plenty of research.
    Settled on SIDI boots, and am still looking for a good textile jacket that will do the 35 and -5 degrees, coupled with monsoonal rain.
    Of course, SIDI Discoveries are not sold in Australia, some comparable boots are, but around the $500+ mark.

    Plenty of 2 page spreads in the mags for the TOURMASTER Transition II jacket from Matmladin inports. Lets go find one! Hey, I am spending a grand on kit (other stuff too). What retailer wouldnt want a piece of that. Hey, I even buy stuff NOW, not in 6 months.

    Couldnt try on these boots, but places like Bikemart in Ringwood LISTENED to my tale, and I tried on some SIDI boots, and they also sugggested some others like the TCX. - Will buy stuff from Bikemart - as I trust them!. (and they earned it). They were my first port of call for a jacket - not too sure about the dri rider range though.
    Bought the boots online from the US, and had them delivered to my door within 10 days (NOT 10 BUSINESS DAYS), 10 days. Sized perfectly, email updates on shipping progress etc etc COuldnt have had a better experience. Extreme supply - you will set some more business too!.

    Go online - to matmladimports website - locate 4 dealers that supposedly stock their gear, and head off to look at jackets.
    Result - NOT ONE dealer had even heard of that jacket.
    Send an email to matmladin imports, and got a reply, where the rep had actually tracked down two dealers that supposedly have the jacket so I can check quality, weight etc. Tomorrow I will see if they have that jacket to look at - but this took 3 weeks so far.
    The jacket is $285 here in Aust, on sale for $145 (USD) with $30 shipping online. Even with the exchange rate, is a big gap. I am buying from retailers there, so someone is making money.
    If after my third trip I cant see one - I will just buy it online. No doubt the rep will be scratching his head, as will the 6 dealers I will have visited if that is the case.

    So in summary - I can buy stuff overseas and have it shipped here before I can even see a product that is sold here?
    I am sure that their 2 page spreads in AMCN, Two Wheels etc have generated some interest - but there is no stock anywhere!.
    Have they wasted their advertising budget? Maybe halve the adv budget, and get some stock into the stores instead would be a strategy?

    Oh and Bikemart are the good guys here, not the baddies.
  2. Bikemart in ringrood? They're ALWAYS given me the best service of any bike store. They go above and beyond the service of others.
  3. had similar problems with matmladin imports. got sent the reps mobile number and was told to ring him to find out who had the jacket. sure thing. love my tiger angel jacket.

    wonder how they make a quid.
  4. Peter-rebook. Did you manage to find this jacket at any retailers in Melbourne? I am also interested in this jacket but would prefer to check it out at a store to make sure of the fit and quality.


    Suzuki Burgman 650
  5. I'm looking for a good summer jacket... If anyone can FIND this jacket, an you let us know how it goes in the heat...
  6. There are apparently TWO retailers that have this jacket to look at.


    Bikemart and A1 in ringwood (vic).

    The jacket appeared well made, and not at all dorky like I had feared. There are a few reports on US sites of the jacket not sustaining serious slides on tarmac at warp speed, but... expected that.
    The venting system may be more show than reality, but I will be buying one from Bikemart - they gave me the service, they should get the sale.
    Was buying for a trip OS next year, so will wait till march to buy, who knows what else will emerge during this time?

    But The jacket looks like it would not cause you to die of dehydration in summer, and the liner would be warm in winter. The jacket is waterproof on its own, and the collars are a very soft material on the inside, so your neck wont chafe. the armour is adjustable, and there are pres studs everywhere to fiddle with if that is your bag.

    BTW, The SIDI boots arrived, and they fit fine, just have to break them in a bit.
  7. Thanks for the info Peter :)
  8. Thanks for finding this out for us. What colours did they have in stock? What is the price?


    Suzuki Burgman 650
    Melbourne, Australia
  9. Didnt go into A1, went into Bikemart, and they had the grey/black and the brown/black on display.

    all sizes/colours are apparently $285