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Tale of Two Idiots

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by tomtom44, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. So I was on the Hume Fwy, think I was in QLD at this point.
    I'd gotten stuck behind a massive truck, and on a VTR250, this is not good.
    I was getting shaken left and right and all over the place by the turbulence it was producing.

    So I go to overtake when it's clear, I get about half way up the truck and Idiot #1 comes flying up behind me and starts honking his horn.
    I was going over 110km/h, but it obviously wasn't fast enough for him.
    Then he starts pretending like he's gonna ram my back tire, so I get up to about 120km/h and just as I'm about
    to get in front of the truck - as fast as humanly possible so I don't get rear ended by that nutjob - Idiot #2, another biker, comes up on the left of me smack bang in my blind spot and overtakes the truck!

    If I hadn't have been careful and in adrenaline mode from the cager trying to kill me, I wouldn't have seen the biker and possibly plowed right in to him, crushing us both under a truck.

    Bikers are idiots too.
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  2. and you are Lucky the truck driver was Obviously watching in His mirrors as well
  3. hehe, that's true. Always apprehensive about being beside trucks.
  4. There just seems to be too many impatient pricks driving, riding anything.

    Glad you survived the idiots.

    ( not sure what road you were on though - doesn't the Hume north end finish at Sydney)
  5. Tom Tom, where did the car that tailgated you come from?

    When you pulled out to overtake, did you know where it was?

    Though we're all required to keep to the speed limit, our safety sometimes requires us to bend the law. The second biker who undertook you was an idiot, but was also trying to stay on the wrong side of the road for the least amount of time. I don't understand how he managed to be behind and in your blind spot if you had a car tailgating you though...?

    (So you might be thinking, this post is a bit rough, that I'm sifting through the details rather than giving a knowing empathetic nod, but the roadcraft nuggets that will keep you safer in future are in the details.)
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  6. splitting a learner and a truck at over a buck twenty....

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  7. Ah, shit. I dunno what road it was then. Thought it was the Hume.... Oh well, sort of irrelevant anyway. I can't really remember where I was during a lot of the trip, it's just a blur of events with no real time frame, it could have been past Sydney, or a different road.
    Yeah, should have mentioned that. It was quite a way back, as I said he was speeding. Maybe 50 metres behind me, but in the right lane.

    The car doesn't take up the whole lane, he obviously just slipped in on the left, between me and the truck. I didn't even see him until I was about to merge back in in front of the truck, that's just my guess.

    Nah man, it's good to have questions! Maybe it was my fault and I didn't realise it. It will help me ride and drive better in the future if I learn, rather than just biatch and never consider if it was my fault.
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  8. next time you go to overtake something on the wrong side of the road go as fast as possible and this problem can be avoided.

    Also try to be more aware of whats going on around you, if you had a pack of bikes around you then you should have expected them to also overtake the truck when there was a gap.

    If someone follows you as you overtake, try not to hold them up dude, the gap could close at any time, do you want the blood of another rider on your hands because you wouldn't do more then 10 over to overtake the truck.
  9. Whilst I agree that it's best to overtake this sort of thing as quickly as possible, bear in mind that the OP was on a VTR250 ffs. Not exactly an acceleration demon machine. Especially if he's on the larger side. Trying to overtake trucks on mine - sometimes I'd get pulled towards the truck by the turbulence, or sometimes pushed away, but either way, we weren't going anywhere at breakneck speed. Now on the Z... (thank Dog for upgrades).

    The rider who undertook him was an idiot.
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  10. Rider awareness also extends to the same of the Freeway you are on!!!
  11. <p>

    I was not on the wrong side of the road. Did I mistype in my first post? Can't be bothered looking.
    Truck was in left lane, I overtook in the right lane. The right lane is the right lane to overtake in :p

    I also did not have a pack of bikes, there was one bike. And me of course.

    And as greydog said, I'm riding a VTR250. I was accelerating pretty much full throttle.
    The turbulence from the truck was simultaneously pulling me toward it and pushing me back, so I couldn't really go much faster.
  12. Don't be in the right hand lane at 110km/h.
  13. 250's need a run up to overtake anything.
    Also 50m is pretty damn close to pull out in front of something faster than you at 110.
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  14. He was going over 110, and it takes a bit to get them going faster. Staying behind the truck wasn't a safe option either as he was getting buffeted around (know that feeling). But the car was an issue. How long were the two lanes? If it was a two lane freeway, the car COULD have had a bit of patience and waited for the bike to get past, then move into the left lane again. If the OP had stayed in the right lane after passing the truck, that would have been selfish, but there's no indication that that was his intent. So the car was being a knob too. Different scenario if it was only a temporary passing lane.
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  15. Yeah, two lanes on that road, not a temporary overtaking lane.
    This probably happened in all of 7-10 seconds. I didn't inhibit the car in any real way.
  16. #16 Womble, Dec 8, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2012
    Car and bike (both more powerful than you) closing in fast and you were being buffeted by the truck, had you considered slowing down/pulling over for a couple of minutes. From your original post you weren't even sure which state (NSW/Qld) you where in. Sounds like time to take a breather and avoid dangerous situations.
    Edit - not a dig at you, just a suggestion to ponder on.
  17. Interesting to hypothesise when none of the rest of us were there.

    Regardless of what we think 44 should or should not have done, the car driver was obliged to make sure 44 was safely past the truck before making his run -the car has no excuse for following too close and has clearly misjudged his move.
    The other bike rider was a complete dick. He needed to remember to never put himself in a vulnerable position. Overtaking a truck, a car and another bike simultaneously, putting his life in the hands of three total strangers, is irresponsible and crazy.

    End of story
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  18. 250
    trucks cars bikes
    heck why even overtake ?
    drop back and cruise , and live to
    ride another day
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  19. ah fair enough i wrongly thought you were on a country road or whatever with 1 lane in each direction. If you had a lane to overtake in then overtaking slowly is not a big issue especially on a bike as you can stick in the right wheel track and let the faster bikes overtake the trucks in the left wheel track or vice versa.
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  20. 44, I don't see where you were doing anything wrong BARRING speeding up further in response to the caged dick climbing up your arse. Although it may seem the right move (GTF out of there) by your own admission it sucked your concentration and may have resulted in potentially nasty ramifications to all involved. Had Mr Cage showed his hand prior to your attempt to overtake the truck? If he had them I would have allowed him to move ahead rather than cause you angst. Regarding the other bike... just an impatient prick.

    Anyway, my take and others was performed with the benefit of hindsight; everyone involved managed to come out unscathed and readers can learn through your experience and the ensuing discussion.

    PS. I assume seeing you were near the NSW/QLD border, the road you were on was probably the Pacific Hwy.