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Tale of two bikes...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Jace_F, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Newer ZZR

  2. Older VTR

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  1. Hey all,

    Whats the better option?

    A newer ZZR with say 10,000kms on it


    a slightly older VTR250 with say 30,000kms.

    Presuming all other things are equal.
  2. I am assuming you are talking 250’s in both cases
    Do you prefer a fairing or no fairing?
    My self I would go an older ZZR (Maybe not 3 times the k’s) but that is just me, so a newer one would definitely be my call.
  3. the ZZR.... because even though the vtr is a naked....its still a honda :wink:
  4. There are very few forums with posts along the lines of "my vtr has x problem", and most of those are voltage regulator issues.

    There are many, mayn forums with posts along the lines of "my zzr has broken x accessory item".

    Just from my reading around, VTR seemed to have less long term issues. Maybe they are less popular though in terms of volume and hence % of issues, so who knows.

    Either should be fine though if treated well.
  5. Go with the one that feels right for you. You can get a 2001 model ZZR for around 3500 or a 99 model VTR for around the 4000 mark. Just depends if you want naked or faired...

    See if you can have a ride on both before deciding - thats the advice I was given.
  6. Just buy the cheapest.

    Personally I'm not a fan of the ground clearance on the ZZR/GPX. So the VTR would be my pick.
  7. honestly, the VTR feels like an AG bike compared to some other road bikes i've ridden sometimes. An AG bike with a very low seat, mind. haha. Eats up dirt roads, speed bumps and the occasional street kerb.
  8. Nothing to do with seat height. The ZZR/GPX will be scraping pegs/exhausts before the VTR.
  9. oh that was more a comment that *for me* the seat feels about an inch too low relative to everything else. Definently lower than a proper AG bike too :p you would hope :p

    But yeah clearance is great.
  10. VTRs are awesome. Sounds wicked and looks hot. Especially in black.
    VTR has heaps of low down grunt, taking off in second is not a problem. Love the handling too.

    I'm biased because I have one. You should get one too. :grin:

  11. WTF? where??? links....

    All bikes have problems if not looked after.
  12. Its more an impression from my general research before i bought a bike., seems to be more "issues with my zzr" type posts/complaints than the vtr...that said...i imagine theres more zzr's out there? not sure.
  13. Your general research was erroneous. The ZZR-250 is a highly reliable motorcycle (I should know, I maintain my own) with a bullet-proof engine, despite the fact it pumps out more power, goes faster and revs higher than the VTR-250. My own ZZR has copped 20,000 km of 'hold every gear to redline' abuse and still runs smoothly.

    From what I can gather, Kawasaki have been importing ZZRs since 1990, whilst Honda have been importing VTRs since 1998, which may influence how many 'I gotta problem' threads you will find. There are alot of people still riding around on ZZRs made in the early 90s that will obviously need more attention than a VTR that is eight years younger.

    I've ridden my ZZR with aggression through the twisties and the only thing I've ever scraped was the boundaries of traction on BT-45s. Through the Black Spur (Victoria) I have taken corners recommended for 35 kph at 55 and corners recommended for 50 kph at 75. I have never scraped the pegs or exhausts. If you're taking curves faster than that, your Ps have probably expired and you'll be looking at a GSX-R600.

    Coming off kerbs is evidently a different matter, but I seem to jump off most without any trouble, simply by applying a judicious twist of the throttle. On the few occasions they have made contact with the kerb on the way down, they have remained in one piece due to a metal cross-bar, situated at the bottom of the bike's frame, which both left and right fairings attach to.

    I agree, it comes down to whether you want a fairing or not. Having said that, one seems to be able to get a good condition ZZR with x kays for much less than a good condition VTR with x kays, on average.

    Also, if you are doing any freeway work or considering long rides, the ZZR is a better choice. The full fairing with a custom touring screen will leave you less tired, and the 18l tank coupled with 4l / 100km fuel consumption will give you a 420-430 km range (including reserve), easily trumping the VTR in this regard.
  14. Being another VTR250 owner i do have to admit defeat on the fuel consumption point. I get a max of 260 before reserve out of mine but to hell with pussy fairings for highway work, Harden the f*** up, hold on and enjoy the wind beating your chest! :p

    The VTR is a very forgiving and easy bike to ride and the low down torque will impress.

    If you do get one though, do yourself a favour. Throw out the old questionable Bridgestone stockies and slap on some Dunlop GPR a-10's. Not the cheapest tyre but fcuk me they stick like wet shit to a blanket!

  15. + 1 gazillion. After you've had it for a while, you'll want something better regardless of which one you buy.

    I had a new VTR a few years ago. Its a good bike.
  16. His statement was relative and not erroneous , he didn't say ZZRs are unreliable as you have misinterpreted.

    I also found the same when I searched long ago for my first bike, VTRs out of all 250s apart from the really new ones by far had the highest ratings, best reviews and fewest problems...

    Oh and despite your slightly greater top speed and 6th gear good luck outrunning a vtr250 from the lights on a zzr250 :p. But hey they ARE 250s. Since when did a zzr put out more power?

    Also, fuel consumption on my vtr is 4l/100m, and I weigh 105kg.. I don't ride like a grandma at all.

    VTRs are awesomely light and can be thrown around ridiculously easily, they have no fairings to wreck (they aren't much use unless you travel at 100+ for over 15 minutes.. unless you're a pansy), they look damn sexy, they sound AWESOME with pipes... there is absolutely nothing to dislike about them apart from the suspension if you are heavy like me, but even then it ain't too bad. Another negative is the price - but there is a reason the market pays it and furthermore vtr250s hold their value REALLY well.

    Either bikes are great I'm sure, I'm just giving you another perspective.
  17. Yep, I think we can soundly say to the original poster essentially, good farkin luck making a choice, they both rule :p