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Taking your own passport photos?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bogus69, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. I'm trying to work out how to get a passport size photo printed from a digital camera.

    There are a few options that I can think of but just wondering if anyone can offer advice from their own experience in this.

    The options I have though of are...
    1. take a normal size head and sholders shot and shrink it to passport size
    2. take a passport sized pic and crop the excess
    3. use some special software (any suggestions?)

    - some photo printout places will only print a normal size photo so I would either have to fill the rest of my passport photo with white space or extra copies of the same photos.
    I have photoshop but wouldn'r know how to use it.

    Have any of you guys out there done this b4 and care to share the best way to do this?
  2. Re: [HELP WANTED] taking your own passport photos?

    Just print off that respectable little piccie in your avatar, I'm sure they'll let you into any country with a face like that.... :wink:
  3. If you need a passport photo for a passport, you are far better going to a camera shop and getting it done professionally. They have a special 4-lens camera, and know the exact legal requirements for a passport pic (and they are very specific). You will then have to have the back of each of them (you need four identical pics whether you do it yourself of not) signed to state that they are a true and accurate picture of your good slef.
    I would NOT recommend using the one in your avatar, unless you wish to be arrested at every airport on the globe!
  4. it says somewher on the application form a whole lot of stipulations about the type of background (i.e. it has to be plain) and other stuff. additionally, don't quote me on this but i have a feeling that for a passport application you have to use a real photograph.

    if i were you i'd be going to the chemist and spending the $8 or so dollars to know it's done properly.
  5. Re: [HELP WANTED] taking your own passport photos?

    Being a pic of the Bo' Selecta Micheal Jackson character, I reckon they wouldn't let me in anywhere! LOL
  6. I wouldn't bother with that if I were you. Nobody wants their passport to have a 'home made' feel to it. It will cause you a lot of grief, especially in this day and age. The last thing you should want your passport to do is to stand out. Pay the few bucks and get it done in a photo shop, unless of course you are actively persuing full body cavity searches! :wink:
  7. Thanks guys,
    The requirements for a passport photo are freely available and I have read and understood them. There is nothing "special" about the 4 lense cameras or the person who operates them. Its not rocket sicience.

    I have found a program that does a good job of cropping head and sholders from an existing pic but without registering it there is a watermark on the output.
  8. if you just want something cropped, email it to me and i can take care of it. :D
  9. Dude, email me the pic and i'll print them for you.
    Include your address and I'll mail them back to you.

    I make my own PP pics all the time.

    email me if you need to vic@zoomantics.com.au

  10. Thanks, but it's more the process of making it the correct size and making sure it stays the correct size when the camera shop prints it out. They are the things I am strugling with.

    btw. I am a little surprised that some people think a photo taken by some teenager in a chemist is somehow better...
  11. Watch it, Vic is a serial photoshopper. Your pics will come back looking like his avatar. :shock:
  12. Why? You read and understood teh requirements, so it's just trial and error with the camera you want to use to make sure the measurements within the photo are correct, thus you need to pick the distance from your camera that the person needs to be, and the framing of your shot.

    Because they have already done what you are struggling with ... distance required from camera and framing of the shot.
  13. Sorry, Perhaps I wasn't being very clear.
    The bit that I need most help with is AFTER I have the shot that I want to print, making sure it is printed at the correct size by the photo development lab.
  14. BTW, you only need 2 photo's for a passport and only 1 needs to be signed.
  15. Thank you!
    I'm more interested in the process you use (if you don't mind sharing).
    This way I won't have to keep bugging you ;)
    The 1st lot will be for my license as ridetek ask you to supply the photo. but I do a lot of travel in Asia for work so will need to send them to get visas sometimes.
  16. Passport photo's need to be 45–50mm high and 35–40mm wide
  17. Yeah but knowing that doesn't make the picture come out of the machine at the right size necessarily. ;)
  18. That's why most people pay $8 to the rocket scientist teenager at their local chemist or photo shop ;)
  19. Hahahaha.

    Good call. :)
  20. I have a passport and an international drivers license but i hate flying , go figure :roll: :roll: