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Taking your own food/drink on domestic Jetstar flight?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nucleotide, May 12, 2011.

  1. On Saturday morning at around 6am I'm catching a flight to Surfers Paradise from Melbourne and would like to take a small drink and snack with me. Does anyone know if you are allowed to do this? If I stuck the drink and food in my carry on luggage should it be a problem?

    I can understand not being allowed to do this on international flights but I can't see any reason for not being allowed to on a domestic flight.

    Can anyone confirm this??

    Thanks! :)
  2. Yeah your fine, but in sealed containers not Maccas cups for example.
  3. Thanks! :)

    So an energy drink in a can (unopened of course) would be fine I assume.
  4. Do it. I have been doing it for years, no problem.
  5. When I used to fly for business, I used to always take my own food and drinks. One very large software company i worked for made us fly qantas, and even though the food was free it was that bad I used to take my own. You wont have a problem at all.
  6. Uh, it's stupid bullshit no matter where the trip is to and from :-s
  7. As far as I'm aware the only restriction that Jetstar applies to carry on consumables is no hot beverages and that I'm assuming is more as an OH&S consideration.

    One would think I'd be more conscious of all this having flown with them in the last few days but really Newcastle/Melbourne is barely long enough to warrant pulling the trolley out - makes me wonder why they even bother on the Melbourne/Sydney run as they have to scurry through to get it done and packed away.
  8. Why not on an International flight if you are consuming it on the flight?
  9. because of the waste, might be eating a packet of prickly starfish turtles, and leave half behind, they chuck it in the bin and BAM zombies take over north America...

    And the hot beverage thing, you aren't allowed to take hot beverages through the qantas screening points.
  10. Oh man.. I want a pet prickly starfish turtle!
  11. Buy it after you go through airport security and you'll be OK - take it through security and you might lose any liquids.
  12. No, the OP seems to be indicating he would understand not taking his own food on an International flight.
  13. Uhhhh...I've taken food on any flight, domestic and international numerous times and it's never once been an issue. Liquids are a different story. Fruit can be subject to quarantine regulations. I've been to the US numerous times with my kids and been loaded with food for the journey and nobody cared. Not sure what nazi airline you've been travelling on to get the idea that food is verboten....
  14. The pasta "dinner" I got fed flying back from Adelaide last Sunday wasn't bad.

    You cant take it through the screening point and can buy a coffee once you get past but you then cant take it onto the plane with you??

    I've gone through the screening point and onto a plane on several occasions with a 750ml Ice Break in my cargo pants leg pocket without any issues.
  15. HOT, not an ice break... They mean hot coffee in a cup

    Btw farmers union is miles better than ice break LOL
  16. I think I've had at least a 600ml bottle of water with me every time I've flown domestic, and never had issues. So, as everyone else has said, you should be fine :).