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Taking Votes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Squid Lips, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Hi, currently have a street triple 660 which I love, still got 2 years till I get my full licence.
    Just getting in early (hehe) as to which bike I should get when I get over that (the) hill. (middle ager 2nd wind)
    Interested to hear your opinions on the following 3 contenders I have currently been salivating over the last year,
    or if you can recommend anything else.
    I'm interested in either the naked or cruiser segment, not really into sports bikes as I'm getting towards middle age
    & don't want a lean forward bike.
    It will be mainly used as a daily commute with the occasional w/end country fang.
    Some of u might say why don't u just keep the 660 when ur times up?
    I might say I want something with more rumble & power!!
    The 660 will serve its purpose very well over the 3 years but when the time comes I want
    something with more grunt.

    Anyways the first contender is a bike with definitely more rumble,
    a bike which I fell in love with at first sight,
    (looks are important to my shallow self)

    its the HD softail slim s with custom military paint scheme 16-hd-softail-slim-s-1-large.

    I would have to replace those scraper floorboards for pegs though.
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  2. Next up is this refined rumbler, also new for 2016, with oodles of power to spare.
    Italian made with a price tag to match
    Its the Ducati Xdiavel S.
    A beastly looking bike which I also love the look of. ducati-xdiavel-01.
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  3. Go for gold. Don't settle for second best.

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  4. Last but not least is a bike that I am familiar with, a bike a little more subtle than the other two,
    something that says gentleman hoon.
    A bike that's the cheapest of them all,
    its the 2016 speed triple R
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  5. Yes George O
    That would have been my fourth contender.
    Either that or the dragster rr in black/red with those gorgeous laced rims. k.
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  6. The Harley is much more "feet forward" than the other two. It would be worth sitting in one for a while. That position gives me a sore tail bone after half an hour.

    If your looking at that sort of money, I would be looking Italian.
  7. Have you looked at the Lewis Hamilton LH44 Dragster?

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  8. if you want a sporty cruiser then the Diavel no question, if you want laidback then go the softie, if you want upright and sexy then the Brutale - might throw in a Tuono for your to consider also as they are in the similar price range to what you've been considering. of course everyone will probably recommend their preferred ride (I have a fatboy and a tuono). mate just get out there and ride them all. I rode the 1050 trumpy and didn't like it but it was straight after I rode the S1000R so it was always going to be a tough comparo.
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  9. Yes the s1000r is another contender, love those odd looking headlights plus the electronics.
    Saw the lewis Hamilton version at Peter Stevens, thought it a bit too blingy for this old timer
  10. Also thought about the bike in my avatar with a hole drilled in the right spot, aarrgghh, stop it u dv8
  11. You, my friend, have a one track mind.
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  12. well, if an MV is good enough for Lex Luthor...
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  13. Thanks for the feedback Middo
    The duc is probably my fav at the moment.
    Alot of money for a bike though.
    Maybe go used down the track,also concerned about high maintenace costs
  14. And the problem is......??
  15. How about the diavel Carbon less feet forward more of a compromise between cruiser and sports bike I'm having the same thoughts and am up for non restriction in December also interested in Tuono
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  16. do not test ride the Tuono, if you do it will all be over - muwahahahahahahaha :cool:
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  17. Out of the three you listed I'd go for the Softail Slim S, although in black, I do like the green denim colour, but not with the military star on tank.

    We all have our biases. So, my suggestion out side of these is a BMW R1200R. Exceptional do it all bike, with all the mod cons too; cruise control, TC, ABS etc, heated grips.

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  18. Nice bike Bob, that thing must hammer,yep another contender to add to the list
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  19. They'll be new bikes out in two years time to mess up your plans. Have been 5 or 6 usurpers to the top contender of my next bike list
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  20. I haven't ridden the bikes you're interested in. Personally I wouldn't have the Harley, but that's because I can tell from the picture I won't like the riding position. But that's just me.

    My suggestion is that regardless of what you think may or may not want, test ride EVERYTHING you can. Then buy the one you like the most.
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